Five Questions with Yamato Sasaki


Joey Flores, News Editor

The fourth grade is when sophomore Yamato Sasaki moved to the US from Japan to start a life in a new environment, helping fuel his desire to pursue a future in engineering.


Q1: How does the education system in Japan differ from the one in America?

A1: It’s different because in Japan, we have six years of elementary school and instead of four years of high school, there are three. I’m not sure why it’s different, but that’s just how it is over there. Also, I’ve noticed that the high school students have much different study habits over there than they do here.


Q2: Why does engineering interest you?

A2: It’s interesting because you can create stuff on your own, and you can be very creative with what you do. It’s different from other science classes and math classes because you can actually make up your own formula instead of learning the same repetitive formulas that other people have made.


Q3: What have you personally gained from pursuing engineering?

A3: Pretty much, outstanding knowledge is what I’ve gained. By simply looking at normal things that anyone can see in every daily life, like the gears on bikes. You now understand how everything works because of all the formulas and systems that are applicable. That’s what I love about engineering. You don’t have to use your devices without knowing how it works. You get to understand how it works.


Q4: Would you like to pursue a future in engineering?

A5: I’d really like to earn a degree in electrical engineering or maybe even computer engineering. I’d preferably like a job in Japan because that’s where I came from. I would really love to maintain a job there.


Q5: Do you prefer Japanese culture or American Culture?

A5: I would actually prefer Japan. The reason is this: I grew up there and became very accustomed to how daily life went on while I was there. I was born in Japan and that’s pretty much the main reason. It was my first home and I really loved the culture and daily life over there.