A year of success recognized

At the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego, KIWIN’S was presented with a total of six awards during the weekend of April 19 through the 21 for their progress and effort towards their club. The awards that KIWIN’S won were: Distinguished Club, Single Fundraiser, District Project, Kiwanis Adviser Hall of Fame, Video Contest, and T-shirt Design.

Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

From Friday, April 19 to Sunday, April 22, several members of Downey KIWIN’S attended the 37th Annual District Convention at the Town and Country Resort in San Diego, winning six awards for their club.

KIWIN’S members from the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii attended the three-day convention to go to workshops and receive awards based on club performance from April 2012 to April 2013.  To attend the convention, members had to register online and fill out a parent consent form.

This was Downey High School’s first time attending the convention. Students who attended were chosen by the amount of dedication and time they put into community service within KIWIN’S.

The awards handed out were for Single Fundraiser, District Project, Distinguished Club, Club Video, Club T-Shirts and Kiwanis Adviser Hall of Fame, which went to Alexander Gaytan, Downey’s KIWIN’S adviser. Because it was Downey’s first time, many were surprised that KIWIN’S would win so many awards. Senior Anthony de Leon was one of the few that was shocked about the results.

“Being our first time, we could have done better in our applications, so I wasn’t expecting that many awards,” de Leon said.

However, for de Leon, the hard work and effort the club put into the past year was why Downey KIWIN’S deserved the many accolades.

“As a club here at Downey, we do so much compared to other schools,” de Leon said. “We demand a lot from our members,”

During the stay, many like Senior Josue Ruiz, attended the workshops, which intended to build stronger KIWIN’S leaders.

“It taught me how to plan ahead, how to work, and how to better yourself in real-life applicants,” Ruiz said.

Junior Jessica Samaniego, who is running for treasurer of KIWIN’S, learned skills that she could possibly implement in her new position.

“It was really fun,” Samaniego said. “It was my first year in KIWIN’S. I learned how to interact with older and more experienced people.”

As KIWIN’S progresses, there is much assurance that successful club will make it to the District Convention next year.