Five Questions with Brenda Pardo

Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Junior Brenda Pardo began singing at the age of seven, performing in musicals and other productions and continues to challenge her vocals as a Glee Club member.


Q: How did you first get started?


A: Last year, I joined this club and the club was about singing and at first I was shy and I couldn’t sing around people, but they helped me find that person in me that could sing in front of people. It was all because of that club.


Q: Is this talent something you were born with?


A: I would say yes, but I didn’t know I could sing until I reached a certain age but ever since I was little, I knew I liked to perform.


Q: What has been your biggest performance yet?


A: My eighth grade promotion when I had to sing the national anthem in front of my school in front of everybody.

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?


A: My inspiration is mostly the voice of Christian Aguilera. I try to look up to her and how she sings.


Q: Do you see yourself doing this in the future?


A: If I gain more confidence, I think I can make it into a career.