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Gabriela Sanchez

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Writer Gabby Sanchez enters The Downey Legend staff with high hopes and a career oriented state of mind. She has been chosen to take on the position as Arts & Entertainment Editor, a position not so easily conquered. Using her skills as a writer she hopes to attract more readers to the arts Downey High School has to offer. Sanchez decided to join the online publication in order to gain insight in journalism. “I wanted to see if this was something I could be able to do as a career,” Sanchez said. For this aspiring journalist, her work has only just begun.


The editor had never seen her future predicted this way; moving from Peru at the age of three limited her English, proving difficult for her to adjust to the new language. “During elementary, I was bad at English, but its something I later improved in,” Sanchez said. She not only improved in a foreign language, but she also grew to like the challenge she accustomed to. After overcoming this difficulty proved to be a great strength in Sanchez, using it to her advantage when confronted by deadlines as well as schoolwork.


But beyond the classroom is where she enjoys her teen years with friends, listening to music, and enjoying the foods and movies other countries have to offer. “I love Italian food,” the cuisine enthusiast said. “I also like to watch movies in my spare time, especially foreign films.” With having The Downey Legend set as a foundation for her future, Sanchez’ main incentive is to travel the world and live on her own. Although unsure of what college to pursue her journalism career, she knows a UC will suit her in her plan to write for Time Magazine.

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Gabriela Sanchez