One small deed at a time


Bianca Salgado

The canned food drive stirs students to bring in their cans, from October 29 to November 9, due to teachers willing to give extra credit, but Mr. Glasser, though not victorious in the drive, believes students should be taught selflessness. “Give for charity, not for extra credit,” Glasser said. “In the end you will feel more likely to give and care for others in need while feeling good about yourself throughout your accomplished deed.”

Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Downey High School held its annual canned food drive from Oct. 29 to Nov.9, in order to provide meals for those who are less fortunate, and bring them some joy during the holiday season.

ASB members entered classrooms and encouraged students to lend a hand by donating canned goods with hopes that this time of year would bring out the spirit of giving in fellow classmates.

Yolanda Chow, 11, commented on the impact each individual donation would leave on hungry families.

“They’re helping people in Downey that are in need,” Chow said, “Some people don’t actually get to eat during the holidays, and when you donate, it really does help.”

The school has set a goal of raising 10,000 cans by Nov.9, and the class with the most cans will receive a prize of a pizza party with a movie. Teachers have been encouraging all students to participate and support their community.

Junior Victoria Vielma shared her thoughts on how she believed others would be persuaded to donate more cans.

“If your teachers and classmates are enthusiastic about the food drive, and they talk about how people are going hungry, then you feel almost obligated to donate food,” Vielma said.

History and Economics teacher, Mr. Glasser, wanted his students to understand the sole reason the drive has been organized, and that is to help others.

“I think students should give because they should be charitable from their hearts and not because of extra credit, but because that’s what good people do,” Glasser said.

Thanksgiving brings feelings of generosity and kindness that the students hold as they provide local families a warm meal and a sense of comfort during the upcoming holiday. One small donation leaves a sense of satisfaction and goodness that will last a lifetime.