Captain Phillips makes a splash in box office


Yesenia Folgar

On Oct. 11, director Paul Greengrass releases Captain Philips recreating Somali pirates hijacking the MV Maerks Alabama. Philips made $8.5 millions on its opening night.

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Known for The Bourne Ultimatum and The Bourne Supremacy, Director Paul Greengrass dives straight into success with his Oct. 11 premiere of Captain Phillips, an action drama hit that has viewers and critics raving.


Loosely based on a 2009 hijacking event, the film stars Academy Award winning Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Philips, commander of the Alabama Maersk cargo ship that becomes the victim to money hungry Simali pirates Muse (Barhad Abdi), Bilal (Barkhad Abdiraham), and Najee (Faysal Ahmed). When the pirates hop aboard, Phillips must protect his crew and figure out a way of the situation without endangering any lives.


Greengrass crafted an exhilarating experience, giving audiences fits of anxiety, tugging at raw emotions, and bringing awareness to global issues. The director managed to captivate his audience by breaking the typical “good guy vs. bad guy” story line, and added layers of depth to characters, creating unexpected relationships.


All eyes were on fifty-seven-year-old Hanks, who dropped jaws with his performance. The actor’s Average Joe act topped off with the Alabaman accent and charm reeled in audiences, leaving them wanting more. Critic Peter Rainer commended the experienced actor and pronounced it “some of the most powerful acting Hanks has ever done.”


Although Hank’s portrayal of a gallant Phillips was pleasantly received by audiences, crew members from the Alabama Maersk have described the real Captain Philips as “arrogant” and far from a true hero.


Despite the exaggerated and slightly fabricated storyline, the drama thriller drew viewers in and raked in $26 million its opening weekend, marking second place in the box office behind Gravity. Interesting, thought provoking, and well done, Captain Phillips is a home run.