S.W.A.P. catches fire


Karen Ariciaga

In front of the DHS theatre, S.W.A.P club member Alexis Ortiz, 11, helps sell snacks on Fri., Mar. 7, during the movie day the club was hosting in order to raise money. “I love The Hunger Games, “Ortiz said. “This is my second time watching Catching Fire.”

Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

On Fri., Mar. 9, S.W.A.P. club held a viewing of the recently released DVD, Catching Fire after school in the theater, in order to raise funds for future college campus field trips.

The movie event began at 3:00 p.m. and students made their way from their sixth period classes straight to the theater doors. S.W.A.P. club members strategically set a table in front of the entrance full of typical movie theater treats such as Kit Kat bars, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bars, Hot Cheetos, popcorn, soda, and licorice. The movie-goers swarmed to the table and picked the items that ranged from fifty cents to a dollar so they had something to snack on for the next few hours.

After paying for their quick snacks, students gave their yellow movie tickets, either previously purchased for 2 dollars from a club member, or at the door for 5 dollars, to a S.W.A.P. member and made their way inside to pick their seats.

The theater buzzed from various conversations, and students were excited to watch the second installment of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. Junior Erin Matias, along with two other friends decided to stop by, support the club fundraiser, and enjoy the screening of the action fantasy film.

“It was only two dollars and, I happen to like watching movies; it was an easy way to help out S.W.A.P. club,” Matias said. “It’s a chill thing to do after school on a Friday.”

In order to raise as much money as they could from the movie event, S.W.A.P. club members attended the showing as well. Senior Daniel Araujo brought along some friends to support the cause and enjoy the 163 min. film.

“I came because I’m part of S.W.A.P. club,” Araujo said, “and I convinced five of my friends to come out too.”

Junior Enrique Calvillo, also a club member, wanted a successful event so he could explore various campuses that he may possibly attend after he graduates.

“[I joined S.W.A.P. because] I want to go to college,” Calvillo said. “We did this fundraiser so we could raise money to go visit colleges, see how they are and see how we like them.”

The S.W.A.P. club is an organization aimed at students who are interested in attending a college or university and are planning for their futures. The fundraiser was aimed to raise money in order for members to visit college campuses, familiarize themselves with the atmosphere, and see if a particular college or university sparked their interest.

The event ended with a round of applause as the science fiction film Catching Fire came to a dramatic end. The fundraiser brought in various student supporters, contributed money to their field trip fund and S.W.A.P. members are a step closer to visiting college campuses of their choice.