Marching it out


Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

The Battle of the Bands presented a fierce, but friendly competition on Oct. 4, at the Allen Layne Stadium, where the marching band and color guard competed against rival Warren High School, and fought until the last note was played, in hopes of defeating the Bears and gaining the shiny trophy.


Excitement and nerves were felt, and before the battle had begun, sophomore Daisy Rivera, trumpet player, nervously waited on the sidelines and shared some feelings she was experiencing before the highly anticipated performance.


“I’m nervous and excited and I’m just hoping to do my best out there,” Rivera said.


The Bears slowly marched onto the field, and the Viking band members anxiously watched their competitors perform a clean-cut act. The band’s choreography and music gave tribute to the nation, adding a patriotic feel. The opposing group put on an enticing show, mesmerized the audience, and even received a few claps from Downey band members. The color guard gracefully moved across the field, and all eyes were glued on the entertainers.

As the speaker introduced the Viking marching band, confidence radiated from the group, ferociously marking their home territory. The performance consisted of an explosive and dramatic opening as drummers took the lead, sounding a rhythm that filled the stadium. The African themed dance and music gave an exotic and thrilling view, providing the audience with a surprising and exciting experience that gained a roar of applause.  The color guard made their way onto the open space, rapidly moving, and charmingly waving and twirling their flags. The two constantly moved around the field, and fed off each other’s high energy. They joined as one, sinuously mixing and uniting, ending powerfully.


As the competition’s ending arrived, the band members and audience anxiously awaited the results, both schools hoping for their name to be announced over the loud speaker. Spectators paid for the privilege to vote for either band, and the group with most votes would be claimed as the winner. The announcer gave a dramatic pause, raising suspense, and announced Warren’s victory. The Bears won by a couple hundred votes, and raised more money than the Vikings in the fundraiser they were both promoting.


Junior Gabriel DeVicente, member of the brass section, shared his thoughts after the disappointing loss, keeping his optimism intact.


“I’m not happy that they won, but there’s always next time,” DeVicente said.


Fellow band member, sophomore Aron Ramirez shared his thoughts after the competition.


“ I was really angry because I thought that we had won and I though we had put up a good performance,” Ramirez said.


Although the Vikings were dissatisfied with the defeat, the competition’s spirit did not fizzle. Energy was still high, and smiles were seen upon students, parents, and friends. The audience enjoyed the battle, and the performers put on a show worth remembering, ending the night on a good note.