Racing to success


Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

AP student and track and field runner, junior Mario Garcia juggles the hectic life of a 4.6 GPA student and high school athlete. Ranking as one of the top members of his eleventh grade class, Garcia maintains focus on his future, hoping that his above average grades and responsibility of holding a spot on a sports team will allow him to thrive in the years to come.

With a schedule consisting of three advanced placement classes, two honors, and sixth period track and field, Garcia faces a daily workload but tries not to fall into a whirlwind of stress by maintaining a clear vision in mind.

“I just focus on whatever needs to be done in that moment,” Garcia said. “I make sure I don’t get overwhelmed in the end with all the work, plus I remember to make sure I’m enjoying myself too.”

Although Garcia takes a casual approach towards his high academic rank, he works hard and is motivated by something other students hope to achieve: success.

“I want to be successful,” Garcia said, “so I want to make sure I try my best in everything and do what I can. I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and that brings me satisfaction.”

Classmate and friend, Catherine Sepulveda, 11, is optimistic about Garcia’s ability to reach his goals and shows admiration towards his achievements as well as his attitude upon receiving them.

“He’s very humble, and if he doesn’t do well he always says ‘Well, I tried my best and that’s the best I can do’ and that’s what I like about Mario,” Sepulveda said.

Stacked knee high in math, science, history, and English books, Garcia is able to temporarily escape the highly demanding world of academics and enter the sports realm of track and field where he participates in distance events, the 800, and the mile.

“I just like running; it’s relaxing,” Garcia said. “I get to think about stuff and talk to people.”

Prosperous and a hard worker in his studies, Garcia also perseveres in his sports performance to become a better athlete. He recalled one of his greatest personal accomplishments in track and field when he first began the adrenaline rushing sport.

“My biggest success in track would be competing in varsity events during my first track season without getting last,” Garcia said.

A highly praised student, Garcia does not fall short of impressive according to track and field teammate Daniel Lechuga, 11, who admires his fellow student’s commitment.

“Mario never gives up, always pushes for his school work, and he’s a very dedicated runner,” Lechuga said. “When he juggles school and being an athlete it amazes me because he can do both and not a lot of people can,” Lechuga said.

A life jam-packed with difficult classes and a sports team to keep up with, Mario Garcia manages to maintain an outstanding high school career, overcoming the stresses that are thrown his way with hopes for a bright future.