The Stars Are Out Tonight

Gabriela Sanchez, Arts and Entertainment Editor

After a ten year musical break, David Bowie fans rejoiced when he resurfaced with his unexpected 24h studio album, The Next Day on Mar. 13. The iconic musician released his second single, titled “The Stars (Are out Tonight)” which earned him a nomination for a Grammy Award for “Best Rock Performance” and reached number 102 on the UK BBC charts. The six minute song begins with a steady drum beat and echoing electric guitar strumming, and picks up the pace as it introduces new instruments and Bowie’s distinct and odd vocals-the English singer’s trademark. Bowie’s voice is nostalgic, and is successful in bringing elements from the 70s as well as a hint of modern music. The funky tune addresses the public’s fascination of fame and celebrities “They burn you with their radiant smiles/Trap you with their beautiful eyes/ They’re broke and shamed or drunk or scared/But I hope they live forever” and exposes the darkness that lay beneath the glitz and glam. A topic frankly overdone by musicians, Bowie fails to produce thought provoking lyrics in this particular song, but does satisfy the listener musically. Despite Bowie’s reappearance into the Hollywood scene, the icon has made it clear that this album will not be accompanied with a tour. But, who knows? The revolutionary Ziggy Stardust alter ego is full of surprises.