Fallin’ for fashion


Andrea Martinez

Fall fashion has begun and at Citadel Shopping Center, they have the perfect every day outfit as the season changes. With the variety of stores there ought to be an outfit that suits shoppers for the fall season.

Gabriela Sanchez , Arts and Entertainment Editor

Seasons are changing, and as summer has come to an end, even though the California sun seems to disagree, fall has finally arrived. Bursts of different patterns, tones, and trends are being worn by students all around campus, sporting their new fall favorites.

Mizhelle Cortes, 11, has always been fascinated by fashion and is excited to change up her look for the chilly season.

“I love wearing fun, flirty colors, but now that the season changed, my favorite trend for fall is just wearing dark colors that have cool embellishments or designs,” Cortes said.

Dark, earthy tones are slowly taking over the students’ wardrobe as well as fun floral patterns and jeans. Printed bottoms are huge this season, and they are a must have statement piece. These trends are seen displayed in many popular storefronts such as Forever 21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters, where shoppers can get the full fall look. Denim made an enormous comeback, and the trend is here to stay, remaining a popular piece in students’ closets. Although the heat seems to linger, as soon as the windy weather hits, the layered look, with dark plaids along with leather boots, and textured, chunky sweaters will inevitably become another fall essential, as well as military jackets that add edginess to any attire. Those who wish to sport a more girly look are wearing loose, earthy toned, sheer and silky blouses, adorable collared shirts, and dark ankle booties to tie their outfits together, giving that chic vintage look.

“I absolutely need my denim vest in my wardrobe. I think it compliments all my outfits,” junior Fatima Yataco said.

While some students seems to be sporting popular fall clothing, other students are approaching style with an unusual twist, using different shoes on each foot and standing out from the crowd. Junior Cori Hayes, embraces her unique sense of style and strays away from some common trends and puts more emphasis on her individual sense of style. Hayes’ different colored shoes trend was a decision she made early on in her youth.

“Well, in third grade I liked both [shoe] colors, and so I decided to wear both of them!” Hayes said.

With every season comes different trends, and students are able to have fun with their clothing. Their style offers opportunities to each put their own twist and feel into their wardrobe. It becomes a form of expression and this season brings different pieces to show off individuality.