The Downey Legend

Known for their staple “opposites attract” outfits, Naomi Baguyo, 12, and Isabella Ramirez, 12, display bold looks within the walls of Downey High School. 

“I don’t try to make a specific statement with my clothes, I just like wearing things that make me feel confident and happy,” Ramirez stated. 

“I think every so often people are afraid to take on a hyperfeminine approach to fashion, worrying it would be seen as too brash,” Baguyo stated.

Fashion at School

Catherine Quinones, Writer September 14, 2021

Due to the recent events of the Las Vegas Shooting, Chelsea Ma decides to help raise money for the victims of the shooting, by throwing a fashion show with other contestants of Project Runway. After the show was over, Chelsea Ma accumulated 300,000 dollars  that went to to the families of the victims.

L.A Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer November 1, 2017

Fashion Week 2017 is an event that lasts for almost seven days in fashion cities, and allows designers to showcase their designs and giving way to new emerging fashion designers ready to hit it big....

New York Fashion Week’s Unorthodox Designers

Melissa Estrada, Section Editor October 5, 2016

During the third week of September, outgoing designers like Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, and Kanye West, revealed their spring collections to millions at the fashion capital, New York.   These...

Fashion Has No Gender

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer March 16, 2016

The Spanish retailer, Zara, released their new unisex line called Ungendered online on March 7, and the images of the line emerged online full of gender-neutral colors like navy, olive green and earth...

New York Fashion Week

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor February 24, 2016

Throughout history, the world has seen many innovations captivate the eyes of the public, but one thing that has managed to continuously stand out is fashion. The fashion industry keeps us all in awestruck...

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