L.A Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers

Ysabelle Canilao, Photographer

Fashion Week 2017 is an event that lasts for almost seven days in fashion cities, and allows designers to showcase their designs and giving way to new emerging fashion designers ready to hit it big. It gives a chance to show all of the trends, current and upcoming. Los Angeles Fashion Week is a biannual event that takes place in March and October.


Isabella Becerril, 12, loves seeing all the different fashion statements and bright colors some trends have to offer, and the difference from teen fashion to high end.


“It’s more abstract, people judge harder on those outfits or fashion choices,” Becerril said. “Our fashion taste is more thought out, and more creative; it’s easier to express yourself than it’s ever been. New minds have thought of different outfits that they see us wearing, and use it as inspiration for the future.”


The show gives opportunities to for developing brands to merge along with consumers, influencers and experts.


Cierra Koning, 12, thinks upcoming fashion designers are making a statement in the fashion world.


“This season’s trends are very modern with a combination of 80’s and 90’s trends,” Koning said. “Some rising designers are going to face competition with other designers trying to make bold statements. It’s harder now since people stick more to higher name brands, like Adidas and Supreme.”


Darla Perez, a senior, loves to dress up in girly clothing, typically wearing a skirt or some article of clothing with the color pink.


“Some obstacles for new trendsetters would be looking for the hits and misses, you can last a week in the industry and die out the next week,” Perez said. “Sweaters are my favorite. I can dress up or down with them and still feel comfortable, or even for those lazy days when I don’t feel like looking nice I still can.”  


The emerging designers fashion show has been in Los Angeles for 24 years, giving rising designers the chance to showcase their talent.


Fashion Week was first created in New York City, in 1993 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. London, Milan, and Paris were then added to the set list.