New York Fashion Week’s Unorthodox Designers

Melissa Estrada, Section Editor

During the third week of September, outgoing designers like Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, and Kanye West, revealed their spring collections to millions at the fashion capital, New York.


These designers are known for their eccentric designs, yet, they all took a different approach in their spring collections. Wang created a “grunge meets hiphop” collection, Scott’s collection was influenced by the 80s, and West created a collection inspired by the plethora of skin tones.


Celeste Moore, 11, believes that these trends are affecting the fashion industry.


“I think fashion as a whole is affecting society in greater ways than a lot of people see,”  Moore stated. “For example, normalizing guys in crop tops and girls in menswear [and] abolishing gender roles when it comes to clothes.”


Scott took a different approach with the futuristic trend by having a collection that showcases the 80s with a modern twist. He added that twist to his collection by creating dresses that resembled the rings of Saturn.


Kimberly Hernandez, 11, describes Scott’s collection and how it is a mixture of different times; previous trends collide with modern trends.


“His collection was very different and unique,” Hernandez stated. “It incorporates futuristic looks with previous looks.”


Wang’s collection stuck to his grunge roots but altered his collection by changing staple pieces like a tux shirt and making it into a crop top. One of the highlights from Wang’s show was the launch of his collaboration with Adidas. The collection included gender neutral tees, track suits, and sweats. He added his personal touch by turning the Adidas logo upside down.


West took a different approach from Wang and Scott but was still one of the most talked about designers of New York Fashion Week. From being called a disaster to being praised for his message, West has been one of the most controversial designers by far. His collection included many nude tones, leotards, and plenty of jackets and hoodies. West’s main goal was to create a collection that exposed the wide diversity of black skin tones.


Vice President of the Encore Fashion Club, Monserrath Ramirez, 11, explains what these three designers have in common.


“I think the common thing between these designers is that they like to test the waters and try new things,” Ramirez stated. “It could be from the clothes to the venue, or the design.”


These designers have definitely made their mark in the fashion industry and have created trends that have completely swept the industry. They continually go against standards and expectations in order to create something new and different.


Scott, Wang, and West, all live up to their names and have become known in the fashion industry as unorthodox and not afraid to be different.