Fashion Has No Gender

Melissa Hernandez, Staff Writer

The Spanish retailer, Zara, released their new unisex line called Ungendered online on March 7, and the images of the line emerged online full of gender-neutral colors like navy, olive green and earth tones. The line received mixed reviews from people on social media.


Downey High’s students also had their own opinion on the line, like Daleysis Teran, 12, who thinks that it is a simple line that completes the job.


“I think it’s really cute because there are a lot of girls that wear boy clothes and make it work,” Teran said, “so why not have clothes made especially for both genders. It’s honestly something I see myself wearing on a daily basis.”


Zara is not the only retailer to release a unisex line. Others range from high-end retailers like Gucci and Raf Simmons to more affordable clothing like American Apparel. Zara’s latest addition makes it seem as if a genderless line is an ongoing revolution in the world of fashion.


Melissa Estrada, 11, believes that the genderless lines are truly revolutionizing the fashion industry.


“Depending on how people react to it, I think it can become something big. Especially in our society today because people are fighting for equality among genders,” Estrada said. “I think it’s a cool idea because it shows that fashion isn’t necessarily a gender it’s just an idea.”


The Ungendered line is made up of mostly baggy clothing with neutral colors, and that is something different from the current trends of form fitting clothing. The line was ridiculed for that specific reason; people on Twitter said it was “boring and lackluster.”


Kevin Gonzalez, 9, thinks that Zara was looking for just that, a baggy and comfortable clothing line that everyone could wear.


“The line is a good fashion choice; it’s old, classic, basic, but still represents that both girls and guys can wear the same thing and still look good,” Gonzalez said. “It would really let society understand that girls can also dress like guys. It would help girls get more comfortable with new fashion choices and not try the same sexy look that’s seen.”


With more fashion retailers joining the movement to include gender fluid clothing in their lineups, the future of the industry could be seen as Ungendered. This revolution will most likely be something that the world continues to see.