Five Questions with Chanel Villanueva

Joey Flores, News Editor

Chanel Villanueva, 10, has been drawing both for fun and for school projects since the fifth grade. She has received critical acclaim for her colorful work by students and teachers alike, thus allowing her to develop a great rapport with her middle school art teacher.

Q1: Has keeping in contact with your former art teacher helped impact your current artwork?

A1: She’s definitely put her effort to continue to motivate my artwork and myself. She taught me to be original and to let your mind be open to creative ideas. She wasn’t harsh at all in discipline, and she clearly wants me to continue art beyond high school.

Q2: What would you say is your signature when it comes to your illustrations?

A2: My signature when it comes to my illustrations is the creativity and originality that I put into the drawings. I try to be absolutely original and let things inspire me to draw on paper.

Q3: When you draw, what is your main focus?

A3: My main focus in art has to be like how creative the piece could be. Like how the line structure of it looks and how the outline looks and that type of stuff.

Q4: Do you plan to further your art education?

A4: Yeah, I do. I’d like to maybe major in graphic design and maybe animation. That type of thing.

Q5: Have you considered entering any art contests? Why or why not?

A5: I was thinking about doing that, but then I thought no. I didn’t think to hard into it, but I don’t know yet. You never know.