Opening doors to future vikes


Andrea Martinez

During Open House, students and parents arrive to the gym for the art show to see all the work done by students. “The art show is one of my favorite parts about Open House,” parent, Stephanie Hernandez said, “because the art is very well done and creative.”

Gabby Sanchez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Downey High School held its annual open house on Thursday, May 23 and introduced the incoming freshmen to all clubs and classes, let them watch performances to feel the school’s spirit and allowed current students’ parents interact with teachers.

The gymnasium welcomed hundreds of parents and future freshmen at 5:30 p.m. where they were introduced to Downey’s curriculum and the activities it has to offer. Principal Houts spoke briefly to the audience, welcomed them to the school and thanked them for attending. After a thirty minute interval of introduction, the performances began. The band’s drum line put on an impressive show and was followed by the dance team who brought much attention and praise, the cheer team who received  an uproar for its routine, and the color guard who put on an outstanding performance.

Junior Anthony Munoz is a member of the color guard presentation and was excited to welcome everyone in the bleachers in a fun and exciting way.

“I think it was really cool to perform in front of all these people,” Munoz said. “It really shows them the spirit our school has.”

A majority of the audience contained eager parents, wanting to fill up on as much information as they could possibly obtain to prepare their future high school student.

Frank Fergoso, one of the parents of a future freshman at Downey High School, wanted to gain some knowledge about the school her daughter would be attending next year.

“We’re excited to learn about the available programs and all the academic activities our daughter could get involved in next year,” Fergoso said.

After the assembly ended, the attendees were free to wander around and students were encouraged to sign up for clubs, sports, and indulge in treats that the booths were selling. The stands set outside included Key Club, KIWIN’S, Teachers of America, Eco Club, girls soccer, and other various organizations in attempt to attract possible members.

Melissa Hernandez, a future Viking and an eighth grader who attends Susman Middle School, wanted to familiarize herself with the campus and was anxious about the upcoming year.

“I wanted to get some information[about the school],” Hernandez said. “I’m nervous about the classes and how hard they’ll be.”

Along with the newcomers, Downey’s teachers and staff held their doors open for parents with questions or concerns about their currently enrolled student and the progress they presented in class throughout the year.

Downey High’s open house proved to be an overall success. Information was given to students and parents, nerves were calmed, and clubs and organizations spiked the interests of students, providing all future students with a taste of Downey.