The sweet taste of victory

After the end of the game, the Downey Vikings football players meet in the middle of the field to celebrate their win against Warren on Oct. 5. “Win or lose, when I’m doing Viking Pride, I sill feel proud to be a Viking,” Francisco Gomez, 12, said, “it’s all about brotherhood.”

Rodas Hailu and Brenda Lopez

As the school year commences, the Downey Vikings have successfully dominated their eternal enemy, the Warren Bears, in unprecedented wins in four fall season sports.


For as long as can be remembered, the Downey Vikings have had a bitter relationship with the Bears across town, always striving to dominate the furry beasts in all aspects of school, including athletics. The Vikings beat the Bears in girls volleyball, boys water polo, football, and girls tennis.


In the annual Dig Pink game on Sep. 27, the girls volleyball team confronted the Bears, achieving another win for the Vikings. In the first two sets, the Vikings continuously crushed the Bears, but by the third set, Warren attempted to catch up to the home team. When the Bears were trying capture the win, senior Joy Miley tried to ignore their persistence.


“Well, I’d rather it be hard than easy,” Miley said. “I really like a challenge.”


Boys water polo played a confident game against the Bears that resulted in a 12-4 win on Oct. 2. Although the Vikings were neck-and-neck in the first and second quarter with their foe, the team made sure their priorities were in place in order to take victory. By the third and fourth quarter, the boys gained momentum to defeat the rivals. For senior David Lumbreras, the game ment more to him and his team.


“The game gave us [the Water Polo team] higher self-esteem,” Lumbreras said.


In the biggest game of the year, the Viking football team met its opponent in the Allen Layne Stadium on Oct. 5. Senior Mario Galvin, knowing who the competition was, did not feel any nerves going into the game.


“I wasn’t nervous but it was my first Downey vs. Warren game, so it was very overwhelming,” Galvin said.


Within all four quarters, the home team continuously crushed the Bears, who were struggling to keep up. Eventually, the Vikings took glory and won 42-7, flattening out the chances for a Warren win.


Not all sports teams went through an easy process to achieve a win. The girls tennis team encountered their struggles against the Bears. The girls had played Warren twice before, each school winning a game. This third match would be the tie-breaker against both schools, determining who would become San Gabriel Valley League Champions. However, the day before the match, players Michelle Morales and Elizabeth Aceves were injured, forcing their partners to be paired up with another student for the Doubles matches.


“We were so confident about winning, but because of switching the teams around, we were afraid that we weren’t going to win,” senior Alejandra Roque said.


Putting their worries aside, the girls tennis team obtained a double victory on October 16; the girls not only achieved a 10-8 win over the Bears, but they also became league champions for the first time since the sport of tennis has been introduced at Downey High School.



The Downey vs. Warren rivalry brought out the spirit of many students who enjoyed the war between the schools. Sophomore Eleni Makaafi got her taste of the competition when she went to her first game against Warren. As a football enthusiast, Makaafi went to her first football game as a high school student. Makaafi noticed, however, that the spirit of the Vikings was quite low that evening.


“I love football games, so I get pretty loud,” Makaafi said. “I stood on the bleachers and I just started screaming ‘Sat the Quarterback down’ so Downey could get pumped to snatch the ball.”


Although there will be many opportunities to witness a Downey win over Warren, these Viking victories will ring within the halls for all to hear.