Ghouls and gals


Lauren Montano

By dressing up as the couple from the movie Juno, on Oct. 31, juniors Eric Lopez and Bernice Juarez win the Halloween costume contest, held on the rally stage, during A-lunch. At B-lunch junior Jonathan Moreno won the costume contest as a ratchet.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

ASB hosted their annual costume contest, during both lunches, on Wed., Oct. 31. Members of the student body invited students from all grades to present their costumes at the rally stage, while spectators voted for the best idea.

While students at A lunch were first reluctant about showing off their Halloween spirit, in the end, the most genuine pair took the prize. Contestants included: Zombie Bride, DJ Lance, from the children show Yo Gabba Gabba, Bob Marley, and Chuckee the doll. The crowd favorites, juniors Bernie Juarez and Eric Lopez beat the rest with their spot on impersonations of Juno MacGuff and Paulie Bleeker from the award-winning indie film Juno.

“The movie inspired us,” Lopez said, “it’s our favorite.”

The two compiled their costume parts from items they had and also searched around for the perfect pieces.

“We made the track shirt and I found these [hamburger headphones] at Hot Topic,” Juarez said.

After all the trick-or-treaters shuffled into their classes, the excited contestants from B-lunch came on stage to show off their outfits. Amongst them were Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Joker from Batman, a hamster, Sally from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, a hamster, a zombie doctor, and Snow White. Then final four came down to a camouflaged sniper, the Blues Brothers, Team On, and a ratchet. The former two were the final decision; and after much cheer and support from both sides, the ratchet took the prize gift card.

Junior Jonothan Moreno dressed himself for a night out on the town, in a pink wig, chiffon blouse, super mini-skirt, and leggings. “Her” style outdid Team On–their four-man group consisting of three thugs and a cop in exaggerated short shorts.

“I do it for the ratchet,” Moreno said.

The informal contest amped these high-schoolers for another Halloween, even though it fell in the middle of the school week. Whether big or small, these teens are never too tired to show their alter egos, while also getting a bit of free candy.