The fantastic four


Lauren Montano

One of three hand offs is made by Ismael Guerrero,12, to Anthony Bravo,11, for the second leg of the boys 4×4 relay race on Mar. 27, at Paramount High School. “This is one of the biggest league meets of the year,” Bravo said, “and it all comes down to the four by four.”

Norma Flores, Sports Editor

In preparation for the spring track season in the spring, the boys track and field 4 x 400 relay team, seniors Ismael Guerrero, Fabian Mendoza, Eric Enriquez, and junior Anthony Bravo, entered an indoor track meet at Fresno, on Feb. 18, where they placed second in the state.


“We really were not expecting to win anything,” Mendoza said. “We just did it because we wanted more preparation for when actual season started.”


Indoor track and field is more difficult for some because unlike outdoors, the turns are banked, creating friction that would not be present on a regular field. In some cases, this can cause inexperienced athletes to fall or trip during a race.


“When we walked in, the ref asked me if this was our first time racing indoors,” Enriquez said. “I  said, ‘yes,’ and then he told me to be careful. I just disregarded it, until I almost fell during warm ups.”


Even though this was their first run on an indoor track, the Vikings placed 2nd in state with a time of 3:38.


“We had not really practiced before that meet,” Guerrero said. “We went in with no expectations rather than gaining experience, and we walked out being second in state.”


Runner-ups for state champions in their event, the Vikes had a newfound confidence in their abilities as athletes. As the end of February grew closer, the team began spending more time on the track, approximately three hours daily on sprints as well as core strength.


“I think one of the reasons why we have achieved what we have up to this point is because we don’t compete with each other,” Guerrero said.  “We try to motivate instead.”


Finally, on March 2, the relay team, that a month before had won second in state, once again had an opportunity to show off their skills, but this time proved that hard work pays off when they gained a time that made them number one in the state.


“It’s hard to find four individuals who can be consistent with their times,” Coach Gleason said, “and I think that’s what sets this group apart; they’re consistent and they push each other.”


The team hopes to make it past CIF Finals and compete in the masters meet, a goal that now in the middle of the season is closer to becoming a reality.  The team broke the school record in the 4 x 400 relay on March 27 against Paramount with a time of 3:36.