Executing all the right plans


Along with other students in the entrepreneurship class, competitors Vincent Quigg, 12, and Regine Bell, 12, prepare for the business plan competition on May 2, at Santte High School. “It pushed me to get it done, and put me on the right track,” Bell said.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Students in Jeannette Hernandez’ Entrepreneur class packed their products and rolled up their arrangements for a Business Plan Competition on Wed., May 2, at Santte High School Los Angeles, California. Amongst Hernandez’ students who were ranked highest in a group of 600 other competitors are Vincent Quigg and Regine Bell.

Quigg and Belle both created, planned, and executed their plans with the help of the curriculum and guidance that Hernandez provided in class. Both entrepreneurs felt that the opportunity in many ways “pushed play” on their dreams.

“[The competition] put me on the right track,” Belle said. “It really pushed me to get my planning done.”

Quigg, who ranked in the top three also felt that the competition gave him the right motivation to complete his business tasks.

“We had to be prepared for any questions from the judges,” Quigg said. “It helped turn my dream into a reality.”

The two competitors gained plenty of insight and connections at the competition. Belle’s product, Pretty Face Cosmetics, earned plenty of attention. Her organic facial cleansers were even sought after by a store owner who was ready to place orders and start supporting her at her sight.

Quigg, on the other hand, took it home with the presentation of his company Tech World, a repair group for electronics of all types. Both students also share short and long term goals, including local business and eventually opening up different store fronts.

The competitors have their business coaches and mentors to thank along with Hernandez for taking the initiative in pushing each student to put their best effort in the competition.

“It prepares students in general, with presentation, research, and financing skills,” Hernandez said. “To see the kids put it all together and present their products and ideas is very rewarding as a teacher.”

Hernandez hopes for the students to gain more than just experience from their endeavors as young entrepreneurs. Moreover, she is aware that the dreams they have can be really close to becoming realities, if they work their hardest and chase after their aspirations.