Small talk and loud music

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Receiving much attention for their upbeat folk song “Little Talks” is the indie band Of Monsters and Men from Reykjavic, Iceland.  The band won the national battle of the bands competition in their country and became famous worldwide after releasing their debut album My Head is an Animal in Sept. 2011. The song gives a fresh new spin to the relationships that forms between friends. They give their message color and taste by taking a more poetic approach with their lyrics. The lead singers vocalize their actions. They sing, “There’s an old voice in my head that’s holding me back / Well tell her that I miss our little talks.” The nostalgia is felt as they reassure themselves and accept that the change is happening. They belt out in unison “Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry  / Our bodies safe to shore.” Roaring brass and lively percussion beats give the song a warm and heart-felt tone to the listeners that accompanies the lyrics perfectly.  After the success of “Little Talks,” the public is eager for more colorful tunes from this fresh new band.

Click here to watch the video for “Little Talks”