Taking steps forward

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

The students at Club Entourage were struck with surprise when Lowes in North Downe offered a $10, 000 grand in store credit. The club set out to expand by applying for the grand early first semester and were emailed to confirm their prize months after. Now the club has been making plans to use the money graciously by building sets and providing a multimedia room for the students and community to use. Adviser David Thompkins and teacher Jason Redfox are planning to work on the project once the club receives the check on Thurs., March 15.

 Thompkins is just as excited about the new plans as the club members are, keeping himself busy and prepared for the construction.

“It was a long process but it was definitely worth the wait,” Thompkins said. “The kids have a passion and I want to help them by giving them the materials they need to succeed.”

Thompkins explained how the building crew plans on transforming a classroom into an intricate multimedia room. The room will not only be useful to the students in the club, but it will be open for the community to use for entertainment projects. The material and sets will be used for photo shoots and video production. Another goal that the club has is to produce local advertising campaigns to promote their name and the aspiring entertainers.

Along with the new sets and equipment that the club will acquire, the students also have Thompkin’s wisdom and experience as an actor to guide them. The aspiring club members will now have the motivation to achieve their goals in show business and the means to get there.

Club President Eliseo Juarez is also impressed by the new additions. He keeps himself updated on the events in room Z-10.

“It will be really cool to have a place where we can make an impact on the community,” Juarez said. “ I think it is a huge step forward and it will help our members get their name out there.”

Vice President Oscar Heredia, 12, is also enthusiastic about the grant money and the endeavors that are being made.

“As far as getting new equipment, it’s exciting because I doubted that we would be given the grant money,” Heredia said. “It’s too bad I won’t get to see the progress after I graduate.”

The president and vice president are also highly involved in video production club which also prepares them for the projects in Club Entourage. The club will make great strides with their new equipment and the dedication that the club members and advisers have. Future actors and entertainers will surely get the hands on experience that they need for their future careers.

With the enthusiasm and dedication that the club is showing it is clear that they will soon reach their goals. Their efforts will hopefully be rewarded by the talents of aspiring stars on campus.