Five Questions with Sarai Lopez

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Q1: Who inspires you to dress in fashionable attire every day?

A1: My brother has been a huge inspiration ever since I was little. It just stuck to me; my own mom would make my clothes for me when I was a baby.


Q2: What influences your style?

A2: Everything, anything I see. I rarely look at malls or websites. I dress according to how I feel. If I feel sad, I’ll wear dark colors like red or brown. When I’m in a good mood, I shoot for bright colors. My emotions are a huge part in my clothing.


Q3: Are there any difficulties when it comes to deciding on what to wear?

A3:  It’s not hard for me. My mom taught me how to make my own clothes when I was younger, and I shop at different smaller stores like Salvation Army to put everything together. People make comments on my “weird” clothes but I just ignore it.


Q4: How do you plan to continue your trendy looks after high school?

A4: I’m not completely sure about where I want to go yet. I know I want to for sure become a fashion designer, so I might apply for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising or Otis College of Art and Design after making my way from Cerritos.


Q5: Is there any advice you would like to share to people who are looking for a style update in their own closets?

A5: Don’t be afraid to express yourselves. Fashion is like dressing up for me; it’s a part of me now. You should be comfortable in what you’re wearing. In the end, nobody’s opinion matters except for your own.