“Idol” winner seeks country recognition

Idol winner seeks country recognition

The tenth season’s American Idol finalist, 18-year-old country singer Scotty McCreery, wins on May 25. McCreery’s debut album, Clear As Day sold over 190,000 copies and made it to the top of the leader boards, making history for the Billboards 200.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Fresh out of his recent American Idol win, singer Scotty McCreery released his debut album Clear as Day, a classic country cornucopia. The album features his first single “I Love You This Big”, which he also performed for the American Idol finale.


The song has an ambiguous meaning. As the country singer explains:


“There are so many ways you can interpret this song, and that’s why I loved it so much, because anyone can relate to it.”


The album contains both upbeat and slow tempo country tunes, all featuring McCreery’s deep bass voice. Though his album covers a wide range of topics from household life to small town America, they are all sung with passionate feeling and descriptive sensory details. A handful of the songs are related to love and girl problems, as his track “The Trouble with Girls” so clearly points out. McCreery pours his heart out and describes how girls continue to mystify him with their actions.


“I really enjoyed listening to him sing on American Idol and I like his face,” junior Tanya Olivarez said.

With his faith as an important aspect of his life, the eighteen year old continues to sing his traditional tunes, in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a country star. The young musician is receiving much attention as he performed at the last Country Music Television Awards and joined popular musician Josh Turner on stage at the CMA festival.


The American Idol winner is growing in popularity quickly so make sure to listen to his new album Clear as Day.