Boys varsity volleyball’s defeated by the Bears

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

The varsity boys volleyball team faced a defeat at Warren on Thurs., March 22, with their second loss against the Bears 0-3 for the second time. The crowd was left on the edge of their seats only to be disappointed by the consistency of Downey’s plays. The team seemed to be pumped for the game as they practiced their spikes before the start, however, Warren started off with a strong lead and left the Vikings behind early in the first quarter. Even with the advantage of the taller players on the team, Downey could not keep up with the Bears’ fast reactions.

Despite the disappointing loss, the game was still entertaining for its spectators, with several high hits from both teams and intense volleys.  Garrett Nielan and Matthew Lostetter tried their best to keep up with the Bears’ defense but struggled against their rivals. Though the game started at a fast pace, it became evident that the Vikings were not cut for the speed that Warren’s team had. The boys did not get the chance to score many points at first quarter and ended with a score14-24.

Junior Dit Laporte talks about how the team and the game failed his expectations.

“As a team, we could have communicated and been more focused during the game,” Laporte said. “We also have to work on passing and serving as individuals.”

Fellow teammate Marjan Abubo feels that the game was not their best performance.

“The team could have done much better, and we will at the next game,” Abubo said.

Junior Ian Martinez is also disappointed with the turnout.

“During practice we are all playing our best but something was holding them back, “ Martinez said. “Although they played well overall they could have stepped it up.”

The second quarter began with a slow start; neither side could advance. When the plays finally started to roll out, the Vikings were slow to react to the maneuvers of their rivals and became fatigued. This was evident with Downey’s scoreboard remaining low, while Warren advanced until the end of the quarter. While Warren fueled the game with their  plays and spikes, the Vikings were only scoring points out of the Bear’s occasional mistakes. Sadly, the Vikings were not able to keep up with the momentum that the Bears had and ended the quarter behind with 13-24.

In the third quarter, Downey began to show some improvement, taking a short lead of 3-1. The team was scrambling for the ball, making attempts to keep the game going for one more quarter until the Bears caught up without mercy. As much as the players tried, they were not fast enough for their opponent’s quick moves and ended with 17-24. In the end Downey lost 0-3 for the second time in a row.