Serving up appreciation

Serving up appreciation

During staff appreciation week, ASB serves free lunch to teachers and staff, in the rose garden, to display a thank you for all of their work. ASB students also prepared other special events such as such as Café a la ASB and personalized posters for staff members throughout the week.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Teachers and staff members at Downey High School were given recognition for their hard work and dedication during Staff Appreciation Week from May 21-25. Along with personalized posters, ASB also gave the teachers three days of tasty treats.


The festivities started with Cafe a la ASB, in which the student body prepared a continental breakfast for all staff members at Downey High School. The Commissioner of Teacher Recognition Carlos Valenzuela explains why ASB works hard to reward the staff members.


“The teachers at Downey are dedicated, and as students we want to give back with the continental breakfast and luncheon,” Vanlenzuela said. “It’s a way of thanking them for all they do.”


Many of the teachers highly enjoyed the variety of breakfast choices that provided for them. From healthy choices to classic favorites like donuts, each teacher indluges on the fruits of the thankful students’ labor.


“Everyone’s really friendly, I love it!” English teacher Angela Curtis said. “And Carlos gave a speech that almost brought tears to my eyes, it was great.”


The teachers also thoroughly enjoyed the Luncheon that was presented for them on Thursday of that week. Pops Chicken was served with sides and they surely delivered.


Physics teacher Garr Nelson praised ASB for their kind efforts.


“The food was delicious, I thought it was awesome!” Nelson said.


Colleague and fellow science teacher, Greg Pittenger was also impressed by the meal.


“The service was rapid and the food was good quality,” Pittenger said.


ASB concluded their thank yous with one final delivery Friday afternoon when fresh apples were delivered to every teacher on campus. The small tokens of appreciation surely reminded the teachers that their hard work and passion for teaching is not forgotten.