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What Teachers want Students to know

Jocelyn Gonzalez, Copy Editor September 20, 2021

As the first month of being back in school has approached, students feel, once again, the stress and the overall hecticness that is involved. With all this craziness going on, and it only being the first...

Saving Mother Earth

Isabella Galvez, Editor-in-Chief November 18, 2020

Since the 19th-century scientists have researched climate change and learned the impacts it has on the environment. With both positive and negative impacts, now is the time more than ever to become aware...

Teachers and faculty were pleasantly surprised with this treat. Kelsey Simpson, assistant  principal at DHS, expressed how talking to AJ was even better than the treat itself! “AJ is so smart, caring, and kind,” Simpson said. “What he is doing for teachers during this time is really awesome and selfless. He’s a great kid and I hope he comes to DHS next year!”

SoftServeSmiles Serving Smiles at DHS

Maya Mercado-Garcia, Editor-In-Chief November 9, 2020

Managing the current chain of events with school dismissal, Mr. Navarro, Integrated Math and AP Calculus teacher, is taking it one day at a time. “The first week was difficult reaching my students because of technical issues with Khan Academy, where I assign work to my students. I would try to reach my students that I could not see that they completed the assignment and they would not reach back.” Mr. Narravo stated. “I am feeling better now, I am finding more time to be available to my children. I am spending more time playing with them and chasing them around because they lost all their playtime with their friends from school.”

Teachers Take on Covid-19

Jaylene Cardona, Business Manager March 28, 2020

Photos courtesy of interviewees.

The 10-10-20 Challenge

Carla Vente, Photographer December 3, 2019

Chicago Teacher Strike

Esmeralda Martinez, Copy Editor April 29, 2016

The U.S.’s third largest school district, Chicago School District, has been on an on-going strike involving all school grade teachers. The walkout began on April 1 and has followed through every Friday...

“In math class I’d be like that student that everyone else would go to.”

Amanda Davila, Staff Writer March 18, 2016

Focusing on earning his masters at CSULB, math teacher, Mr. Navarro, is currently enrolled in a higher-level calculus class and a leadership class to pursue his idea of becoming a college professor.

The Scholarly Convict

Angelica Fregoso and Dianna Jimenez March 18, 2016

Analogous to the Alma Mater of Malcolm X, the anthem of English teacher Ms. Kasner is books, so much so that after reading a chapter from Malcolm X’s autobiography, she confided in her AP Language...

In B-212, after school on Feb. 12 Ms. Rabak waits to sign her students’ Great Depression Challenge papers. The challenge takes place over the course of two weeks and participants must wear the same outfit everyday.

The Great Depression Challenge

Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager February 26, 2016

For two weeks, junior history students will face The Great Depression Challenge, in which they must wear the same outfit everyday for twenty points extra credit. This project started on Feb. 9., and...

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