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Leilani Montes

Leilani Montes, Photographer

Entering into her final year of high school, Leilani Montes, 12,  hopes to expand her horizons in the world of art. Although just a photographer for The Downey Legend, she aspires to interview people in order to make connections with people like she did when she worked on the school play last year.  Montes remains undecided on her major, however, dreams of traveling all over the world. Loving history, old countries are her dream destination where she hopes to learn about them and the people. She aims to use the skills learned from The Downey Legend and incorporate them into her traveling. Learning how to interview others and photographing events will help her learn more about the world which she so desires to do so.


 “I want to meet more people before I leave…” Montes says, “I find talking to people interesting because I like learning about them…” “Last year I got to work on the school play and it really got me closer to everyone in my class and my teacher. It was nice, especially after the pandemic, to talk to people and get used to a large group of people,” said Montes, hoping to experience this once again.

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Sprench Club

Sprench Club

March 29, 2022

Keep Downey Beautiful

January 31, 2022
Marching band student, Sofia Hammond, 11, plans to give trick or treating around the neighborhood with her friends this year for Halloween. Although Hammond doesnt like horror movies, she will gladly watch them if her friends want to. Before Halloweens main event starts, Hammond has fun things to do for her and her friends like bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins. I enjoy the holiday for the candy and nothing else, she stated. Because I am a scaredy cat.

Halloween Plans

October 26, 2021
First year tutor of the Writing Center, Erika Arteaga, 11, tells us that the Writing Center helps people write more efficiently and be less scared when writing. Arteaga became a tutor by applying with a form she got from her English class and taking a video of why she wants to be a Writing Center Tutor, all because she loves helping people. During One-on-Ones with the tutors, they help people with specific sections that they tend to struggle on. I like that each and every one of the tutors has a different point of view, she said. That can help people come up with a compromise in their writing.

The Writing Center

October 12, 2021
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Leilani Montes