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Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager

YouTubers are eminent for being eccentric, extroverted characters, but these are misnomers of bashful junior, Jazlyn Contreras, however, she is currently the proud creator of an increasingly successful YouTube channel, jazzynice9, that currently has over 11, 000 subscribers and counting. Her top-three most viewed videos have gained over 1, 000, 000 views. Do not judge a turtle by its shell, especially not the humble shell of Contreras.


Contreras plans to put her video filming and editing talents to use by going out into Downey’s community and filming the various stories she finds particularly unique and uploading edited videos of them to the Downey Legend website. She is also interested in possibly creating a YouTube channel for the Downey Legend, on which she would regularly upload and promote.


Driven by sheer curiosity, Contreras first became intrigued by videography as an inquisitive 9-year-old after watching various YouTube fan videos attributed to Sonic the Hedgehog. These videos sparked her inspiration to become a YouTuber and upload her own fan videos, which she made in tribute of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After becoming frustrated by her inability to understand the technology, Contreras temporarily departed from her newfound interest, however this cessation did not last very long. She occasionally attempted to understand various video-editing programs, and once she got the hang of it, she continued to improve and is currently a successful YouTuber. Among other videos, Contreras’s favorite videos are reaction videos and tribute videos.


Contreras’s parents have been very receptive to their daughter’s successful YouTube channel, and consistently show support for her.

“Jazlyn’s YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers…she has great ideas and she’s really smart. She’s also really childish; she likes to cosplay and post pictures and videos on her Instagram,” Juan Contreras said. “She has the desire of learning more about videography and use higher programs to edit videos. I know she will accomplish what she wants.”


Along with her parents, Contreras is also continuously supported by her 12-year-old sister, Jazmyn, who was actually inspired by her older sister to create her own YouTube channel.


“Jazlyn is a nice sister to have. She actually understands me unlike anyone else,” Jazmyn Contreras stated. “Her video editing actually inspired me to make movies and videos and taught me how to use iMovie; she even taught me how to make screen recordings.”


Contreras’s popularity has grown so much over the past couple of years that she had had the opportunity to create multiple collaboration videos with fellow YouTuber, Calista Helmrich, who is a resident of the Netherlands.

“Jazlyn is a really nice friend to have. We do live far away from each other but she’s really caring and understands me,” internet bestie Calista Helmrich said. “She makes wonderful videos and inspires many people.”


In fact, Contreras suspects that within a month, another collab video will be uploaded to her channel relating to the anime Attack on Titan.


Contreras has remained humble in her endeavor to become a better YouTuber, and ultimately a better videographer. She has created opportunities for herself through videography, and above all, it has helped her come out of her shell.

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