Saving Mother Earth

Isabella Galvez, Editor-in-Chief

Since the 19th-century scientists have researched climate change and learned the impacts it has on the environment. With both positive and negative impacts, now is the time more than ever to become aware of the condition of our planet and ask ourselves “How much do we know about the environment?”


Living in one of the hottest years recorded, our society should be trying its hardest to bring more awareness on the ongoing climate crisis for the sake of our environment.  Simply knowing what the environment does for all living organisms on earth should be enough for humans to want to give back to it.  AP Environmental Science teacher Mr. Kim knows the importance of taking care of our planet.


“Our planet and nature provides so many intangible ecological services such as filtering water, pollinating our crops so that we have food to eat, providing habitat for wildlife, and its inherent natural beauty,” Kim said.  “Many of our environmental problems are human-caused but also much of the progress made in protecting and caring for our planet has also been because of humans.”


While some causes of climate change are natural, like volcanic eruptions and ocean currents, most are man-made, leaving humans responsible for the consequences their actions have on the Earth. Studies and articles show that greenhouse gases, deforestation, and burning coal and oils are just a few examples of things humans do that hurt the planet.  Ignorance towards these subjects should not be taken lightly, because knowing how to better the environment is the first step in saving it.  


All around the world, there are people like scientists and environmental activists working individually and in communities coming up with solutions to help beat the climate crisis.  Students at Downey High School also realize how changes need to be made in order to keep a stable environment. Senior Evan Gonzalez shares his thoughts about how he feels regarding this worldwide issue.  


“Some concerns I have about the future and the health of our environment are that people will stop caring that global warming is causing such a problem, they will stop caring that many ecosystems are being demolished for industrial buildings,” Gonzalez said. “People will stop caring that there are many beautiful animals that are on the verge of extinction, and the problem of the use of pesticides.”


Sophomore Genesis Plata also acknowledges the seriousness of the climate crisis and shares her thoughts on it.


“I’m really scared for the effects of climate change,” Plata said. “With the way things are going, our environment is going to suffer a great deal.”


Plata also shares some of the changes she’s made in her life to care for the Earth. 


“I’ve tried to be more mindful of myself and how I do things. For example I use a fan instead of air conditioning and I avoid using products that I know add to our problems,” Plata said. “I know it’s not very much but I think that if those of us with the privilege of making these changes make them it could help in the grand scheme of things.”


Since scientists were introduced to climate change, there have been many significant changes that have helped better the planet.  Continuing this movement of protecting our planet will soon lead to the desired outcome of a clean Earth. This is the only planet we get, so taking care of it is the least we should do.