The Lucky One Movie Review


Recently released nationwide in theaters on April 20, The Lucky One, featuring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling, is a big hit to all the hopeless romantics. From the acclaimed bestselling authors of The Notebook and Dear John, Nicholas Sparks is also the author of the Lucky One.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Enthusiastic viewers filed into their local movie theaters on Friday, Apr. 20 to watch the premiere of The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron. The film is based off the novel by Nicolas Sparks and remains consistent with the book’s themes of fate and destiny.  The luck—which is hinted at in the title—is shown early in the film when Efron’s character Logan Thibault survives dangerous situations after finding a picture of young woman out in Iraq. Logan is dumbstruck at the coincidence and after his platoon persuades him that the girl in the picture is his guardian angel, he promises himself to thank the mysterious girl one day.

The plot starts when Logan walks from his sister’s home in Colorado to Lousiana in search for the girl in the photograph. He also uses the trip to find peace with himself  after showing signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Once he reaches the town he immediately starts looking and finds the girl, Beth, working a dog kennel with her son. There is some confusion as Logan looks for the right words to explain the circumstance and he ends up getting hired at the dog kennel.

After many weeks of hard work, Logan proves his chivalrous and charming personality and Beth starts realizing how special he is and is aware at the twist of fate that brought him to her.  However, Beth still has problems with her ex-husband, Keith, who is drunk with pride and threatens Logan upon learning of his relationship with Beth. The events leading up to the climax involve the mourning that Beth and her family still feel for her brother, Drake Green. There is confusion after Keith lies to Beth by trying to connect Drake’s death to Logan. Logan however, clears his name by the end of the movie.

The movie will most likely meet the expectations of many of Efron’s fans. He gets plenty of screentime and his personality will send girls wishing fate has brought him into their lives.

“I would not mind watching the movie just because Zac Efron is in it,” freshman Celeste Villegas said. “He is very attractive and also a great actor, so the movie must be alright.”

Although many of his obsessed fans will thoroughly enjoy this romance, many males might not appreciate the lengthy film.

“I think the movie will be really sappy and romantic,” freshman Jon Martinez said. “I would rather watch something with more action and less feelings.”

Some movie-goers were surprised by the turn out. Although some romance was expected, they were taken aback with the overload of cliche romance that was consistent from beginning to end.

“I really expected there to be at least a plot twist, especially with the themes of fate and destiny that were hinted at in the previews,” movie-goer Araceli Sandoval said.

The Lucky One is a romance that will send girls and Zac Efron fans everywhere to a dreamy wonderland. Though the movie is not for all types of people, it definitely has more perspective than just any other romantic film, and should leave viewers mostly satisfied.