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Released on March 4, Zootopia will continue playing in various theatres, including the Krikorian Theatre near Downey High School.  “It was a little cliché, but it was very family friendly so that’s good,” Brittney Diaz, 11, said. “I’d watch it again.”

Where Anyone Can Be Anything

Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager March 22, 2016

Disney has done it again, bringing a new comedy film called Zootopia, where in another world anthropomorphic animals live their lifestyles relating to humans. It was first released in theaters on February...

The Lucky One Movie Review

The Lucky One Movie Review

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief April 25, 2012

Enthusiastic viewers filed into their local movie theaters on Friday, Apr. 20 to watch the premiere of The Lucky One, starring Zac Efron. The film is based off the novel by Nicolas Sparks and remains consistent...

Aliens at 3am

Wendy Mora December 2, 2009

The Fourth Kind is a movie that premiered in theaters November 6th, starring: Millia Jovovich, Elias Koteas, and Will Patton. It is a fact-based movie about a small town in Alaska that has many alien encounters...

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