Where Anyone Can Be Anything

Jazlyn Contreras, Video Manager

Disney has done it again, bringing a new comedy film called Zootopia, where in another world anthropomorphic animals live their lifestyles relating to humans. It was first released in theaters on February 10 in Belgium, and later on March 4 in the United States. Welcome to Zootopia, where any mammal can be anything beyond their dreams and limitations.


In this family animated movie, a rabbit named Judy Hopps, voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin, fulfills her dream of becoming the first rabbit police officer in history. When her potential is doubted by her chief for being smaller than the rest of the animals on the force, she is assigned parking duty; however, when she hears about a missing case, she insists on helping to investigate within 48 hours. During this investigation, Hopps asks a fox named Nick Wilde, voiced by Jason Bateman, to help her crack the case and find the missing animals before time runs out.


This may sound like another typical children’s movie involving talking animals, but it did not stop Jessell Figueroa, 11, from watching Zootopia, which gained a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 148 reviews (146 fresh and two rotten). It is also stated that this movie has a very thoughtful message for all audiences, regardless of what age they are.


“I think the movie symbolized what’s happening in our government right now with racism and stuff,” Figueroa said, “because they [animals in the movie] were kind of like picking on the predators and the prey, and it’s kind of like nowadays with the racism. I would recommend it, since I think it was really good.”


Since the movie was released on her birthday, Anabelle Rositas, 11, wanted to watch it when she went to Disneyland, but could not get the time to do so. She plans to go see Zootopia no later than the end of March.


“I feel like it will be a funny animal animated version of Criminal Minds,” Rositas said. “I also feel like it’ll be very interesting to watch, because it seems very original. I’m excited to see it.”


Although people find it different to discover a movie with talking anthropomorphic animals, it is not rare nor is it at all that different from what Savannah Baca, 11, has encountered.


“I would have to say my earliest contact with it [anthropomorphic animals] would be the Muppets and other children cartoons,” Baca said. “Though from what I know, apes are one of the closest to have human appearances. If there are more animals, then it is beyond my knowledge.”


On March 8, Zootopia has grossed up to 79.6 million dollars across North America along with 295 million dollars in other countries, totaling 238.4 million dollars. As of March 16, this Disney movie reached 159.2 million dollars, adding 320.2 million dollars from other countries, for a worldwide total of 479.4 million dollars (according to Box Office Mojo).