Aliens at 3am

Wendy Mora

The Fourth Kind is a movie that premiered in theaters November 6th, starring: Millia Jovovich, Elias Koteas, and Will Patton. It is a fact-based movie about a small town in Alaska that has many alien encounters within the past forty years. Movie critiques were completely unsatisfied with this film mostly because there weren’t any actual filming of alien invasions or abductions throughout the movie.

Junior Silvia Moreno says, “The weirdest thing about the movie was that the aliens would always come at 3 in the morning or 3:33.”

The suspicion in the audience on why they chose this precise time had them all in awe. Students that are interested in the super natural affairs, or in aliens, had high hopes for this movie but were sadly let down. Unlike these people, others thought this movie was a complete scare. The real footage made it feel as if it could happen to anyone that had knowledge about the events.

Freshman Denisse Quan says, “ That movie freaked me out and was very intense! It’s true how they say that the worst things happen around 3am.”

For the most part, viewers all have their own opinion whether they agree or disagree with the thoughts of their peers.

Freshman James Belin says, “The movie was a waste of money, but whatever, it was fun to go watch it and crack jokes during the movie with friends.”