Strumming chords for success

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Local bands gathered at the Downey High School gym on Fri., March 30 to share their music with an audience of eager teenagers. The concert, hosted by ASB, was originally designed to be a Battle of the Bands but after a shortage of contestants turned out to be a fundraiser to promote the TLC program. A majority of the groups had a very alternative and hardcore style to them, with obvious influences such as Paramore, A Day to Remember, Bring Me The Horizon and other artists of that sort. Their genres are not the only thing that the musicians have in common. They also share the same goal: To make it big in the music industry alongside their idols.


Among the set list were bands With Total Force, Call Of The Messenger, and Paranoia Unfold. Freshman and lead singer of With Total Force, Kayla Nadal has been working with her brothers on becoming better musicians and took advantage of the opportunity for a performance that Friday.


“We just want to make it big like Paramore,” Nadal said. “We want to make it and tour around the world, it’s our biggest dream.”


Likewise, senior Juan Santana from the band Silence of Autumn shares him and his band mates goals.


“It would be great to get our name out there,” Santana said. “We would really love to play at the popular Warped Tour; that would be awesome.


The aspiring musicians are making the trying their best to make it big and taking every chance they get to share their music with an ever  expanding audience. The concert was filled with a few rowdy students who seemed to be so inspired by the heavy music of their peers they looked to start a commotion. The hardworking students at ASB did their best to calm down the kids without putting an end to the fun.


“There were a few intense moments during the show,” commissioner of Pep Carla Rosales. “Overall, the event was chaotic but we had it under control.”


Despite the urge to release the angst that was accompanied by the rock, both performers and audience members made the most of the humble concert. The musicians used the performance as another live experience and their peers cheered them on from the stand while enjoying their favorite kind of music.