Hungry for action


Students hosted their first official meeting of The Hunger Games book club on Tuesday, Jan. 10 in room J-4 with Mrs. Joest. “I love The Hunger Games books and I can not wait until the movie comes in March,” senior Tuesday Muro said.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

With The Twilight Saga coming to an end, The Twilight Book Club shifted their attention and name to the action packed novel The Hunger Games to discuss at their first meeting Jan. 10 in room C106. The turn out at the meaning was made up of the usual club members and some new comers that hope to share their thoughts on the new material. Teachers were equally excited about the transition and stopped by to chat about the trailer for The Hunger Games movie.

Amongst the handful of teachers there was a very fervent Amber Geldien who had quite a bit of input regarding the book and movie.

“It is an excellent adventure all on it’s own,” English teacher Geldien said. “It’s exciting to see how the main character learns about sustaining her family early on.”

The club hopes to expand their membership by taking movie trips. This is one goal, along with bringing in more boys to the club. Although the book club was successful before The Hunger Games was introduced, females largely dominated the fan base.

“It’s exciting to have an adventurous book that is more gender-neutral,” adviser, Ms. Cleek said.

“I want more guys to come to the book club,” Castaldi said, “It’ll help spread the name of the club.”

Along with aiming to attract a larger fan base, the group also wishes to spread the basic hobby of reading. The Hunger Games book club members have not forgotten the pleasures of getting lost in a great book. They believe that while it is entertaining to keep up with an exciting age-friendly read, it also helps develop important comprehension and writing skills.

“We would like to increase participation. Ultimately The Twilight Book Club was created with the goal to encourage students to read,” English teacher Angela Curtis said.

Thus with new goals, the club continues to engage in what they love doing most; reading.  The clubs initial purpose was to build and develop reading and writing skills through entertaining and creative methods.