Subtle Summer

Subtle Summer

With summer on its way, fashion lovers are highly anticipating what the new trends are from Forever 21 in June. “Summer has to be the most exciting time of the whole year because of all the bright colors you can wear,” sophomore Stephanie Garcia said.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

With the arrival of summer comes the preparations for warm and fun-filled hours of leisure. Those who spend their break socializing outside of their homes will be wary of hot summer fashion trends that will liven up their wardrobes and spirits.


Popular stores like H&M, Forever 21, and American Apparel feed the youth with trends which have been set from higher levels of fashion. Becoming ever popular amongst girls are high waisted shorts. These shorts come in many different materials, patterns and colors, but the ones which which speak summer most are vintage denim—slightly distorted and washed to give them a lazy touch. Accompanied with those bottoms are usually crop tops which add comfort and a fresh feel. Those who would like to dress up more and be more creative might work with different styles of shirts with collars, buttons, and cuts to add a more chic touch. The typical shorts and shirts outfit can be easily turned a bit more reserved or formal by replacing casual materials like cotton with chiffon or satin which are also showing up recently on models.


“I would like to get many different colored tube tops and shirts along with high waisted shorts to base my summer wardrobe on,” junior Tanya Olivarez said.


Dress varying from town gowns to short shirt dresses are also appearing for the fashionista who enjoys looking primped and pretty. The casual styles are perfect for a day out in the city or a relaxing bike ride.


Pastel colored articles like pants and skirts add a subtle aspect while bright and vibrant pieces keep outfits fresh and creative. Simple patterns on shirts and bottoms also make for trendy must-haves that can be easily paired with other pieces for effortless styles.


As for guys, colored, above the knee shorts are starting to show up more in the men’s departments. Although most guys hang on to their below the knee comfort zones these shorts are a great match for trendy shirts. T-shirts with small details like pockets, patterns, and buttons can be added to light shorts or cuffed pants for simple and new outfits. Light footwear is ideal for both men and women to keep them active and on their toes. Toms, Keds, and Plimsolls with tube socks or without make a great match.


“The shorter shorts are very trendy and new,” junior Alejandro Lomeli said. “They keep you pretty chill and comfortable for summer.”


Other staples for men and women include loose tanks for ultimate sun action, durable sandals for beach prowling, UV sunglasses to keep the glare out and the scenery in, and simple caps to keep the sunburn away. Bags are also incredibly useful–messenger bags, knapsacks, and tote sare ideal to keep items safe and hands free.


“I’m going to be going to the beach a lot,” senior Adriana Castrejon said. “I’m going to wear light and trendy beach wear that I feel comfortable in.”


Through long days and hot nights, people of all ages will choose what they feel best with for their adventures. Though trends are helpful and flattering, summer is a time for creative ideas and letting go of responsibilities.