Stayin’ fresh


Expressing their hip-hop influenced style since March 2011 are juniors Andrew Ayala and Andrew Navarro, founders of Blast Clothing. “Our goal as clothing line is to express ourselves through our clothing,” Ayala said.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

Keeping the hip-hop scene fresh at Downey High School, juniors Andrew Navarro and Andrew Ayala release their original clothing line Blast to maintain their individual interests and style. The line was first introduced in Whittier and Huntington Park and soon spread to Downey when the founders transferred schools. Blast has been receiving popular feedback since its debut in March 2011 and continues to attract young consumers in the area.


While spending time with a few of their friends, Navarro and Ayala started to come up with ideas on how to live better and more successful lives. Aware of the rough economy and increasing demand for genuine products, the two headed out to become young entrepreneurs. The juniors do not want to live by ordinary lifestyles and they hoped to do something that they like inspired by a clothing advertisement in a magazine, Navarro and Ayala were inspired to make their own designs. With the help of close friends, the teens started designing and producing shirts and hoodies.


Blast is inspired by music, hip-hop in particular. The teenagers are also influenced by brands like Diamond Supply, Pink Dolphin and Supreme. Their hometown, Los Angeles influences everything about them, from their spunky attitudes, to their down town originality.


“You need a lot of potential and dedication to follow your ideas because making designs that a lot of people will like can be difficult,” Navarro said.


Although Navarro and Ayala had other dreams besides creating their own clothing line, the success with Blast has made them reconsider their future. With all of the positive feedback the company has received, the founders soon hope to open a storefront in Downey and later, Los Angeles. Navarro plans to enroll in classes on graphic design to develop helpful techniques for his company’s advantage and Ayala is taking Marketing classes to prepare himself for the future.


Along with designing shirts and sweaters the guys at Blast hope to later produce pants, shoes and accessories. The brand is unisex and appeals to different sub-cultures within the skating and hip-hop scenes. They hope to become the next best brand while staying unique to their style.


“We want to look good in whatever we do, that’s what stayin’ fresh is all about,” said Ayala, “We want people to identify themselves through our clothing.”


Blast has been working hard since their first line was introduced. At the same time that the company is taking steps to increase the popularity of their name on the streets they are also collaborating on new designs at home. The founders and their crew have been working day and night on new ideas and projects.


“I really like the sweaters because they are really warm,” junior Danielle Lapena said, “I always get a lot of compliments when I wear Blast too.”


“We always have to keep moving forward and let nothing stand in our way. We learn from our mistakes and never give-up,” Navarro said.


Surely, the two will continue to make bigger and more successful strides with their clothing line. In the meantime the aspiring designers are working on making their impact at Downey High School.