Lady Vikes succeed in stateplay-offs

After winning the state playoffs against Wilson High School on March 5, the girls varsity soccer team rushes to the goal to celebrate their accomplishment. Kelsey Aparicio, 12, made the last goal against Wilson High School advancing the team to the second round of state playoffs.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

After a long and nerve-wracking game, girls varsity soccer took the lead against Wilson High during overtime penalty kicks with a final score of 4-3 on Tuesday, March 5 at the Allen Lane Stadium. For the back-to-back CIF championships this is just another chance at making it to the State finals.


An anxious crowd arrived promptly before 4:00 p.m. to support the athletes in the first round of state play-offs. After falling behind at the same time last year, the Lady Vikings were anxious to prove themselves. With Wilson a top seeded team, Downey had to keep their mid-field on high defense in order to keep Wilson out of the way and meet their goal


“This is the most consistent game the girls have played,” Coach Rachel Godfrey said. “The way they played today is all the motivation they need for the next game.”


The girls kept their defense high throughout the game, forcing Wilson out of their box for most of the game. Downey’s offense pushed toward the offender’s goal at every chance they got. Though several penalty kicks and corner kicks were played out throughout the game by both sides, neithßer team was able to get past the goalkeeper. Fans in the stands often called out the referee, accusing him of false fouls, but this did not faze Downey’s hard work and determination.


“We were the underdogs, so we had nothing to loose,” mid-field Elizabeth Ham, 12, said. “We really had to give it our all.”


The last ten minutes were agonizing for the crowd and the team as they witnessed several failed-goals after another. Teammates jumped and screamed in anticipation every time the offensive came near the net, however the scoreboard remained unchanged, even after the 15-minute over time.


The teams lined up mid-field for penalty kicks as night fell on the field. Goalie Adriana Salazar, 12, prepared herself for the opponent.


“I’ve been through this many times” Salazar said.  “I have a little strategy which I try to do and it seems to work. I just try my best to keep my composure.”


With the score 3-3 senior, Kelsey Aparicio scored the final penalty kick, eliminating Wilson and giving the Vikes another shot at victory. With the mental stress out of the way, the girls know that keeping their game where it is will help them be successful in the future.


“It’s going to be more physical stress so we’re going to take it light tomorrow [during practice],” Godfrey said.


At the second round of play-offs on Thursday, March 7 at El Camino Real High School the girls came short 1-0, pulling them out of state but still leaving them with a second consecutive CIF Championship.