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Amanda Lira

Amanda Lira, Photographer/Photo Editor

Among the returning members of The Downey Legend is Amanda Lira, who had personal motives to join the online newspaper. Lira who currently holds the position of Photo Editor was in junior high when she began to take an interest in photography and decided her dream was to work for a magazine. However, as time passed her gears began to shift toward medicine; but in spite of that, she never lost her passion for photography. “I joined ROP for sports medicine; my goal is to be in Skills USA this year,” Lira said. “I also decided to return to newspaper to meet new people and to feel like a part of something; we are like a little family.” Lira’s current dream is to attend San Francisco State and major in physical therapy.


Aside from photography and medicine, Lira enjoys going to the beach with her cousin Lupe and watching Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper movies. Lira’s aspirations have guided her decisions, from choosing to apply for newspaper, and taking ROP sports medicine. “I think it’s a big achievement¾becoming Photo Editor, and this year I plan on giving it everything,” Lira said. “It’s my senior year and the first step to getting where I want to be.”

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As football season starts, Aron Ramirez, 11, shows his appreciation for the sport by playing Fantasy Football online with other fanatics.  Players draft NFL players to form Fantasy Football leagues and compete with others.

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November 15, 2013
From Jan. 28 to Feb. 8, students and staff members of Downey High donate jeans to help aid homeless teens in America. Their goal was to beat last year’s record of collecting 2,055 jeans.

[Photo] Denim donations

February 14, 2013
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Amanda Lira