5 Questions with Mrs. Ortiz


Amanda Lira

During Mrs. Ortiz’s maternity leave in November, her sister, Ms. Flores, manages the library until her return in March. Mrs. Ortiz said the hardest part of returning is missing her newborn daughter, Eva Catalina.

Moises Martinez, Community Section Editor

After a three-month hiatus since giving birth to baby Eva Catalina, Mrs. Ortiz returned to the library Mon., Mar. 3. Her replacement, Ms. Flores, is now preparing to bid farewell to the Viking Library. Ortiz chuckled as she talked about motherhood, her sister, and changing diapers.


Q1: How do you feel being back in the book cave?


A1: It’s great. I really missed my library while I was gone. I love working and being able to see all the mini-adults again.


Q2: How is baby Eva doing?


A2: She’s fine, at home with her dad. I love having her with me. I already miss my baby though! I love just being able to say that I own a baby.


Q3: Are you enjoying the fruits of motherhood?


A3: Yes, but it’s crazy. There’s so much you need to learn. You look things up on the computer but there are so many things, little things that surprise you. I mean, I knew how to change a diaper, but things like taking care of her and making sure she’s okay are so tough. I’m living the family life now, which is good because I don’t have to worry about going to school.


Q4: Were you surprised by anything when you arrived back?


A4: Not really. Maybe a few things were not like I would have left them, but I think my replacement did a pretty good job.


Q5: How would you rate your sister’s performance as honorary librarian?


Q5: I’m really grateful she was able to help me, actually. There are no substitutes for librarians, so I was so lucky she was around. She actually managed it really well although she would call me every day when she had a problem. She did the best she could and I’m thankful for having her.