Five Questions with Anthony Munoz

Sara Cabrera, Writer/ Copy Editor

Junior Anthony Munoz performed in three numbers during the Dance Review, the annual end of the school year recital, as the only male to perform at this event. He has had a strong passion for dancing since he was a small child, and put his talent to use when he made color guard his freshman year in 2011. Since then, he has continued with color guard and enrolled in the ROP 2 dance class taught by dance team coach, Mrs. Patterson.


Q1. Why did you try out for color guard your freshman year?

A1. Well to be honest, at first I didn’t want to try out for color guard. I thought it was kind of weird because it was just all girls and I originally wanted to try out for the dance team, but my friends convinced me to try out with them. I was just like, ‘Alright, fine. I’ll tryout even though I know I won’t make it.’ At the workshops for the tryouts, I was just paying attention, trying my best, and all the moms that were watching kept saying I was really good and was going to make it. I was really shocked and happy when I found out I did make it. It felt good. When we did start practicing, I felt like I was on top of my game. It was really cool. I loved it, and now I am just like a color guard freak.


Q2. Why did you enroll in ROP 2 dance?

A2. Ever since I was little, I always loved to dance. I didn’t take any dance classes, so I wasn’t professional or anything, but I watch videos, and my friends dance, and I’m just like that’s what I love to do, and so I found out about ROP 2, and then my friend Adriana helped me sign up. From there I began to learn the basics of technique and it made me such a better dancer.


Q3. After considering trying out for the dance team your senior year, why did you finally decide to continue in color guard?

A3. Ever since I started color guard, those girls helped me so much through my problems in life, for example, my sexuality. At first I was so quiet about it, and they would tell me, ‘Be yourself’ and ‘Who cares what anyone else thinks?’ They’re my family, and I just can’t lose them. If I made the dance team, I would still hang out with them, but I know our friendship would slowly fade. I’m trying out for captain, and color guard is just who I am.




Q4. How did it feel being the only male to perform in the Dance Review?

A4. It felt good because guys usually really don’t have the guts to try out, so I’m just setting an example for them, like, ‘Dude, yeah I know you think it’s only for girls, but it’s also for guys too. Don’t be afraid to try out for dance or color guard or ROP. If you like to dance, you like to dance’. I felt pretty good because I felt like I was the perfect example.


Q5. Why do you think you are a good candidate for the position of color guard team captain?

A5. Well, I tried out for captain last year because I really felt like I could have done it, but since they didn’t pick me, I’ve had an extra year of learning. I’ve watched my captains on how they do their jobs and how they keep color guard at the top of its game, and all those things really prepared me to see everything I need to do to become the best captain I can be. I’m going to show the team that I do have good leadership skills and I’m more than prepared to be captain.