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5 Questions with Osvaldo Zamora

5 Questions with Osvaldo Zamora
March 7, 2014

Aspiring body builder and model, senior Osvaldo Zamora shares his new passion for working out and his strict five-day workout regimen.   Q1. What motivates you? A1. I used to be chunky when...

Money is in the air

During her senior year, Valerie Iwamoto applies for local scholarships in hopes of getting extra money to pay for college finances. Seniors have to submit applications, resumes, and an essay for the local scholarships by Fri., Jan. 17.
January 24, 2014

  While seniors completed and submitted their final college applications, they faced new deadlines, including the local scholarship opportunity that officially closed on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Students had...

Fantasy zone

As football season starts, Aron Ramirez, 11, shows his appreciation for the sport by playing Fantasy Football online with other fanatics.  Players draft NFL players to form Fantasy Football leagues and compete with others.
November 15, 2013

Junior Aron Ramirez began a fantasy football league with friends and Music Director, Mr. Fell, last year and has kept it going ever since. Ramirez was interested in establishing a fantasy football league...

Once a rocker, always a rocker

On Thurs., Oct. 31, Mr. Roger Rios reminisces about his rocker days and playing guitar with The Mosleys, a surf garage band he was a member of during his teenage years. “It was a joke to us because we weren’t trying to make it big,” Rios said. “We turned down three record deals and many gigs.”
November 1, 2013

Freshman/Junior English teacher, Roger Rios, was once part of The Mosleys, a 90s Orange County garage-rock band. Although he was a member of several musical groups, his involvement in The Mosleys was...

A long time coming

For the month of September, ASB members announce English teacher, Mr. David Kraus, as Teacher of the Month. Mr. Kraus has been teaching English at Downey High for the past four years.
October 18, 2013

English teacher Mr. Kraus, in his fourth year teaching at Downey High, has been awarded Teacher of the Month Award for September. Although Kraus has taught different levels of English, such as 9th through...

Five Questions with Tristan Esparza

Five Questions with Tristan Esparza
October 8, 2013

During practice on Monday, September 21, varsity player Tristan Esparza, free safety on the football team, severely hurt his head when coming down from blocking a play.   Q1. How did you injure...

Five Questions with Anthony Munoz

Five Questions with Anthony Munoz
June 14, 2013

Junior Anthony Munoz performed in three numbers during the Dance Review, the annual end of the school year recital, as the only male to perform at this event. He has had a strong passion for dancing since...

Iron Man Review

In the Krikorian Theater, Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man 3 premieres on May 3 for Marvel Comic fans. The award-winning sequel made $1 billion on opening night and has managed to remain the top movie two weeks after its release.
May 20, 2013

One year after the Marvel Cinematic Universe released the largest opening film in the United States, The Avengers, the success of the franchise continued on May 3 with its release of Iron Man 3 as the...

Five Question with AP coordinator Tina Carlson

Five Question with AP coordinator Tina Carlson
May 17, 2013

After two weeks of extensive testing, English teacher Tina Carlson reflects on her twelve years of proctoring Advanced Placement exams.   Q: How were you chosen to be in charge of the testing? A:...

Giving donations for the ones who need it most

Giving donations for the ones who need it most
April 26, 2013

Since the beginning of April, seniors who applied for scholarships have undergone interviews to determine the winners of these cash contributions. Over four hundred seniors applied for the available...

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