Giving donations for the ones who need it most


Rodas Hailu, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Since the beginning of April, seniors who applied for scholarships have undergone interviews to determine the winners of these cash contributions.

Over four hundred seniors applied for the available scholarships that the Downey community provided for the soon-to-be college students. Since January, seniors who wanted to apply for a local scholarship had to go through an extensive application process, which included turning in copies of resumes, GPA verification, forms and essays via online and in person to Mrs. Tina Campos.  Then the database that students used to turn in their applications electronically matched them u, based on their eligibility, to specific organizations. After the applications were turned in, students were notified in April what scholarships they were nominated for and when their interviews would be conducted.

Joselyne Martinez felt like her interview for the Soroptomist Art Scholarship went smoothly.

“The women there were not intimidating,” Martinez said. “It was a very good interview. I felt like I could talk about myself without feeling intimidated.”

If Martinez does receive a scholarship, she hopes to use the money to pay for basic college necessities that students take into consideration when extending their education.

“I plan to pay for textbooks and tuition and anything else that I need to pay at my college,” Martinez said.

However, for Optimist and Stauffer Scholarship nominee Mason Campos, the interview process was more nerve-racking. Campos went in for his interview for the Optimist Scholarship, which awards students for community service. Although three students, one each from Downey, Warren and Columbus, are chosen for the award, it still gave Campos a reason to feel anxious.

“I was really nervous,” Campos said. “I was shaking before I came in. I then became comfortable. Everything I said came out fluid.”

Stauffer Scholarship contenders, like Alejandra Chantre, turned in a different application to give to their respective counselors.  Chantre was really surprised that she could partake in a rewarding process.

“I’m not too into school,” Chantre said. “I’m new to this [the interview]. It never happened to me before.”

After her counselor, Mrs. Miller, guided her to apply for the scholarship, the day finally came when she went in for her interview after finding out that she was in the running to win a donation. Although it was her first interview, she did feel less worried after it was over.

“I felt relieved and I’m just glad I’m over it,” Chantre said. “I thought it was going to be worse.

Although the winners will not be announced until Senior Awards Night in May, hopeful seniors are pleased that they have been considered to win something that will assist them in their future college endeavors.