Math teacher and musician


Amanda Lira

As he shares his love for music, math teacher Mr. Bradfield discusses his musical influences, such as Rush and Jimi Hendrix, on Friday, September 21. The Algebra II and Geometry teacher also plays the piano, and guitar, and sings.

Celeste Lira, Photo Editor

Algebra II and Geometry teacher Mr. Bradfield did not initially plan on teaching math; music was his major in college. He started playing drums because his friends began to play musical instruments, and has now been playing for 25 years. Besides the drums, he also plays guitar, piano, and sings. Bradfield has played and performed with many different bands, but has played with the same band Triptic for about 10 years. Before a show, Bradfield usually spends his time listening to music and setting up.

“I’m not easily embarrassed,” he said, “I do get nervous before a show but I just shake it out.”

Bradfield plans to share his musical interests with his kids. He even named them after musical terms – Aria and Canon. Aria is the melody of a song and Canon comes after the melody. Because, Canon is the younger sibling the name seemed appropriate.

He also likes to entertain his students by performing for them whenever there is time.

“He always came out with a random guitar and serenated the class,” senior Samantha Siordia, “He always sang a song of whatever band I was wearing a t-shirt of.”

He sometimes sang for them before a test.

“His music is so inspirational during a test.” senior Sarah Black said. “I feel the stress drift away.”

He listens to all kinds of music, from jazz to reggae and even Japanese polka. He lists Rush, Jimi Hendrix, and Metallica as his major influences in high school. Although teaching is his main profession, music is still regularly a part of his life.