Downey Staff vs. Power 106


Amanda Lira

On Tuesday, Jan. 8, Mr. Hobbensiefken scores against the Power 106 team during the basketball game to help fundraise money for Club Entourage in the DHS gym. The celebrity guest, Clyde Carson performed “Slow Down,” during half time.

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Power 106 hosted a basketball game in the gym playing against the Downey High School staff on Jan. 8, 2013 at 7 p.m. This is one of the many times the well known hip- hop radio station came to Downey High School to bring the community together to watch a classic game.


Downey started off strong in the first quarter, but towards the end, the referee began to call out fouls on both teams. The first quarter ended with Power 106 in the lead 24-17. Strong defense from both teams kept the scores neck and neck. With only 15 seconds left in the second quarter, Downey scored and tied: 41- 41. Halftime performances included the local trio group The Go Getters singing “Adios” and well-known rapper Clyde Carson sang the popular party jam “Slow Down.” Carson’s performance had the crowd going wild. From dancing on the sidelines to chasing Carson around the court, the audience was engaged.


According to sophomore and current JV basketball player Christopher Espana, the halftime performances weren’t the only thing that caught his eye.


“It was different but entertaining seeing my coaches and other Downey teachers playing the game instead of my team and myself,” Espana said.


The third quarter had the teams on top of each other and taking every opportunity to score. With the score 61-57, Power 106 gained the lead. As the final quarter of the game approached, the crowd seemed to be much more involved in the game. With only one minute left, the opposing team scored four more points leaving Downey to another disadvantage. The final score was 87-82; Power 106 won this close game.


A player from the Downey staff and computers teacher Mr. Morales shared his thoughts about the game.


“I thought we came together as a team,” Morales said, “and even though we didn’t win, we still had fun.”


Although Downey didn’t get the win this time around, it didn’t interfere with the enjoyment and the support the crowd had.


“It was a good time, with the music playing, being surrounded by friends and teachers,” sophomore Sabrina Fuentes said, “I’m glad I came.”