Making a better team


Bianca Salgado

During second period block, new coach for girl’s lacrosse, Mr. Mires, gives a lecture to the team on the field, in order to see that they are doing well academically. “If they cannot perform in class, then they cannot do their assignments on the field,” Mr. Mires said.

Hanna Suarez, Editor-in-Chief

The start of the 2013 girls lacrosse season also marks the beginning of the direction of a new coach with new priorities and expectations. Coach and teacher Mike Mires takes the field alongside the varsity players, and brings a positive and united attitude. Having been down on their luck these past seasons, both Mires and the team agree that it is time to step up their game.


“The goal is to win league and make playoffs,” Mires said. “We want to show the top SoCal teams what we’re made of.”


In order to prepare for the  season, the team has been practicing extra hard, showing up at 6:30 a.m. on weekdays for early morning conditioning. The team also took a month during summer vacation to condition and get in better shape. Coach Mires explains the key factors he is working for to better his team:


“We need unity as a team,” Mires said. “We have to work together: teamwork, discipline, and hard work, on and off the field.”


Senior captains Francine Aguilar and Stephanie Park agree that the changes have made an impact on their teammates and their game.


“[The team is] more positive; there’s no drama and we’re much closer,” Aguilar said. “If we have a problem we just deal with it. We have no issues.”


Park agrees with the improvement.


“If there is a problem we can talk to the coach or anyone else on the team,” Park said. “We can be ourselves.”


Coach Mires also teaches Earth Science and biology on campus, and has had experience with coaching and playing sports.


“His experience makes him a lot more understanding when he’s coaching us,” Park said. “He knows the difficulty and our limits.”


The captains are excited to start the season with a healthy attitude and their new coach supporting them along the way.


“All the girls are definitely thankful for his coaching,” Aguilar said. “We’re more organized and we are getting along better.”


Park adds that the team is “better motivated” and “more serious” this year.


It’s about giving it your all every practice and every game,” Mires said. “If you’re not giving it your all, what’s the point of being out there?”


The team continues to practice in anticipation for their upcoming season. They will be commuting to Temecula for their first pre-season game on Sat.  Feb. 2.