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  • Troy Noka Concert
    Spirit, Student Life

    Troy Noka Concert

    Karla Ramirez, Photo Editor

    October 26, 2016

    Searching to inspire his young audience through his music, triple-threat artist, Troy Noka, gave a concert at Downey High on Sept. 28 as part of the high school tour he is currently performing. Noka travels with a Power 106 radio crew in order to bring life to the high schools they visit.   “A moment like th... READ MORE »»

    While the crowd waits for rapper Troy Noka, Power 106 DJ, Jose Jimenez, is the one that keeps the crowd entertain by interacting with the audience. “I’m the crowd pleaser,” Jimenez said. “I like to get everyone excited for the song that is being played.”

    Leticia Ortiz

  • Downey Farmers’ Market
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    Downey Farmers’ Market

    Alessandro Esquivel, Co-Copy Editor

    October 26, 2016

    The Downey Farmers’ Market is a weekly event hosted on Saturdays by Southern California farming communities where vendors sell their homegrown produce to Downey residents.   Lucil Trinidad, an orange vendor and college student, participates in his family business part-time. He has worked all around southern C... READ MORE »»

    At the Downey farmers’ market on 3rd Street, on October 1, Kimberly Garcia asks Zeus Tea House vendor Crystal what tea she personally would choose. She works for the company where some tea blends are made especially for the business, and her personal favorite tea is the peach oolong.

    Marlene Garcia

  • What’s Trending: Fall is Back!

    What’s Trending: Fall is Back!

    Melissa Estrada, Writer

    October 26, 2016

    Sept. 22 has finally approached and summer ‘16 is officially over, and now Fall has started and the countdown for Halloween and Thanksgiving has commenced.   People are ready to say goodbye to their sandals and bathing suits, and replace them for boots and knitted sweaters.   Melissa Hernandez, 12... READ MORE »»

    As fall season arrives, Starbucks makes a comeback with its pumpkin spice selections like the Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. The pumpkin flavored drinks and desserts such as the pumpkin cheese bread muffin and the pumpkin scone, though, are available only during the autumn season.

    Alicia Garcia

  • Making Wishes Come True
    Clubs & Organizations, Student Life

    Making Wishes Come True

    Ajla Nasic, Writer

    October 26, 2016

    Fueled by their passion to make a difference for children impacted by life-threatening illnesses, the Make-a-Wish Foundation Club works to fundraise money to establish a sense of happiness and hope within a patient affected by cancer. Their donation goal of 5,000 dollars would directly grant the wish, or positive experien... READ MORE »»

    After their first event of the school year, Malek Dweik, 12, recaps the Downey Does club’s on the affair, which took place at the family birth center at Downey PIH on September 23, where they supplied mothers and newborns with care packages. The new volunteer club meets every Tuesday afterschool in room B-216.

    Jade Robles

  • AP Physics: A New Frontier
    Legends, Student Life

    AP Physics: A New Frontier

    Alex Castillo, Copy Editor

    October 18, 2016

    As the world continues to go paperless and rely completely on computers for day-to-day tasks, jobs in the sciences are in constant supply for college graduates. Downey High School has paid close attention to these changing times and has decided to offer AP Physics 1, the first AP Physics course in the history of the sch... READ MORE »»

    Mr. Nelson encourages his students to go against a common belief if they believe they can improve it or reject it, while at the same time teaching new equations and physics themes. “It’s always been to use their head and think logically. That’s one of my main goals,” Nelson said. “That includes the proper questioning of authority.”

    Alex Castillo

  • The Top Scholars’ Rise to Success
    Seniors, Student Life

    The Top Scholars’ Rise to Success

    Taylor Harrison, Social Media Manager

    October 18, 2016

    Strenuous school days and sleepless nights are nothing new for Downey High School’s top students. Since their freshman year, Downey’s largest group of top scholars—fourteen in total— have kept their eyes on the prize by taking copious AP classes and using their free time to participate in numerous extracurricular... READ MORE »»

    At the top of the 14 scholars list of Downey High School Andrew Bilodeau, 12, has successfully managed to keep up his grades for four years. “My parents never really pushed me but they did encourage me to do great in school,” Bilodeau stated. “So a lot of the time I got good grades, studied late and worked hard it was a combination of the lesson my parents taught me and the drive I had to look to the future.”

    Clarice Rosales

  • Writing Center Expansions
    Clubs & Organizations, Student Life

    Writing Center Expansions

    Jasmine Fernandez, Writer

    October 17, 2016

    As of the 2016-2017 school year, Downey High School’s Writing Center is open to freshmen, sophomores, and now juniors. Previously, only freshmen and sophomores could access the center, but the resource is now available to the junior class as well.   The Writing Center’s goal is to introduce students to regularly seek peer r... READ MORE »»

    Experienced writers such as Sara Fuentes, graduate, take time out of their day to help students who need advice on how to write better essays or prompts. “It’s a great experience to help students out because I knew I needed help when I was a student,” Fuentes said. “I enjoy giving advice on how to write better because writing is really important for all subjects not just English.”

    Alicia Garcia


Gone too Soon: The Death of Jose Fernandez

James Torrico, Writer

On the morning of September 25, on the shores of Miami, a boat was discovered capsized on a jetty. Among the wreckage of the vessel were three men who had lost their lives....  Read More »

October 26, 2016 • 0 comments

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Student Life

Troy Noka Concert

Karla Ramirez, Photo Editor

Searching to inspire his young audience through his music, triple-threat artist, Troy Noka, gave a concert at Downey High on Sept. 28 as part of the high school tour he is...  Read More »

October 26, 2016 • 0 comments

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Our Future is in Their Hands

Sofia Carrillo, Writer

...  Read More »

October 25, 2016 • 0 comments

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Festival in the Stars

Christopher Tellez, Writer

Celebrating the City of Downey’s 60th Anniversary, The Downey Arts Coalition hosted their Arts Festival with a “cosmic” themed art exhibit on October 2. Live mu...  Read More »

October 26, 2016 • 0 comments

  • Downey Farmers’ Market October 26, 2016
  • Let Your Imagination Fly May 31, 2016
  • Downey Renovations May 27, 2016

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Dodgers Clinch and Scully Retires

Allie Gurrola, Writer

As predicted by fans, the Los Angeles Dodgers clinched a spot in the playoffs on September 25th against the Colorado Rockies. What was not expected was how emotional the game...  Read More »

October 26, 2016 • 0 comments

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  • Boys Varsity Tennis Team May 27, 2016
  • Vikings Routed by the Bears April 29, 2016

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Melissa Estrada
Melissa Estrada


Because she likes the idea of change and trends, Melissa Estrada, 12, aspires to work in the fashion world as a business manager. “I personally don’t have one style because it always just depends ...  Read More »

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Science with Ink

Alessandro Esquivel, Co-Copy Editor

The DHS Science Department, especially with Project Lead the Way, is incorporating standards through Think with Ink, into its classrooms.   Think with Ink bega...  Read More »

October 18, 2016 • 0 comments

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The Mystery of American Horror Story Season 6

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief

The long awaited, “American Horror Story” season six, premiered on FX, Wednesday, Sept.14, at 7 p.m. with much anticipation from viewers across the nation. The theme wa...  Read More »

October 5, 2016 • 0 comments

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