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  • 2016 Dance Review
    Student Life

    2016 Dance Review

    Miranda Ramirez, Co Copy editor

    May 18, 2016

    To showcase their moves, Downey’s Dance Team and the CTE dance classes, held a dance review at the Downey Civic Theater on Wednesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 5.  Some performances, included ones which were performed at the USA National Champions.   Sussy Sanchez, 10, attended the dance review in support for her fr... READ MORE »»

    Ending their performance, the dancers strike a fierce superhero pose on May 4 in the Downey Civic Theatre. The team danced along to Big Hero 6’s ending credit song “Immortals”.

    Cintia Macias

  • The School Master Breaks the Curse
    Student Life, Theatre

    The School Master Breaks the Curse

    Melissa Hernandez, News Editor

    May 16, 2016

    Drama production had the final showing of, Fools, their last play of the year, on Thursday, May 5, at 5 PM in the DHS theater. It was a comedic show full of slapstick humor composed of two acts, which started with an introduction of the setting, a small town called Kulyenchikov, in Ukraine, given by a puppet in a high tower. ... READ MORE »»

    DHS’s Drama Production’s play Fools, casted by Lars Hansen, narrated the funny story of a town cursed with stupidity, had its final showing on May 5, 2016. “I feel as if it was a great play to have as my final show in Downey,” Elizeo Velasquez, 12, the protagonist of Fools, said. “The characters and memories made on that stage will surely bring back a smile when I think about it in the future.”

    Cindy Macias

  • Quiz Bowlers Win Gold!
    Clubs & Organizations, Student Life

    Quiz Bowlers Win Gold!

    Dianna Jimenez, Staff Writer

    May 6, 2016

    During the week of Spring Break, the seven competent Quiz Bowlers of Downey High School drove down to San Diego to compete in the state finals of SkillsUSA. With nothing but knowledge and perseverance permeating their minds, all seven members succeeded in the finals by beating all top competing schools–including Warren–and... READ MORE »»

    Downey High School’s Quiz Bowl team is more than a club, according to senior, Carlos Agredano, rather, it is about the familial relationships he’s made with his fellow Quiz Bowlers. “For me, it’s the jokes we make and the ability to understand each other with intellectual jokes that you’re not usually able to tell regular people,” Agredano said. “The whole concept is a team and brotherhood, because we’re all guys- well the majority.”

    Angelica Fregoso

  • ASA Entertainment visits Downey High
    Spirit, Student Life

    ASA Entertainment visits Downey High

    Amanda Davila, Staff Writer

    May 3, 2016

    As bullying becomes a worldwide issue, Downey High School arranged a visit from ASA Entertainment which took place on Wednesday, April 13, in order to create a powerful bullying prevention assembly.   Unlike an ordinary assembly, ASA entertainment gave their lectures through pro skating and BMX riding in order ... READ MORE »»

    Bringing athletes from around the world to help with their message, ASA brought pro rollerblader, Eito Yasutoko, from Japan, to help out with their goal. Yasutoko is one of the world’s best rollerblader and has been a partner with ASA for many years helping students around the country.

    Bruno Braka

  • Autism Awareness Month

    Autism Awareness Month

    Angelica Fregoso, Staff Writer

    April 29, 2016

    Besides being the color of the sky and the ocean, or some other sublime marvel upon the earth, blue is also the color that is designated to autism. April is Autism Awareness month, which commences with World Autism Awareness Day on April second.   According to The Autism Society, “National Autism Awareness month repres... READ MORE »»

    Autism Awareness Month is celebrated all month long and is traditionally symbolized with a puzzle piece. “The puzzle piece definitely symbolizes autism, because the people who have it are the completing piece of our puzzle, called life.”

    Esmeralda Martinez

  • Vikings Routed by the Bears
    Sports, Spring Sports

    Vikings Routed by the Bears

    Alyssa Vega, Arts and Entertainment Editor

    April 29, 2016

    Downey’s boys varsity volleyball team competed against cross-town rival, Warren High, ending in a loss on Tuesday, April 26 at Downey’s gymnasium.   In preparation of the boys’ match, the crowd cheered and the excitement amped up the Downey Vikings. Despite their efforts, the Vikings were plagued by erro... READ MORE »»

    Eager to beat the Warren High Bears, the varsity boys volleyball team gets pumped on April 26 in the Downey High gym. The Vikes played well ending the first match 22-25.

    Julissa Villalobos

  • Prom Walks Down the Runway
    Seniors, Student Life

    Prom Walks Down the Runway

    Melissa Hernandez, News editor

    April 29, 2016

    FIDM Fashion Club held its first fashion show on Friday, April 22, in the DHS theater, where this event intended to show and inspire the audience with regards to possible outfits for this year’s prom. The show was successful with a full house and no mishaps.   Prior to this year the prom fashion show was organi... READ MORE »»

    At the end of the show, all the models gathered on stage to thank the sponsors and the audience members for showing up on April 22. All of the dresses were donated by an organization called Glamour Gowns.

    Cintia Macias


Is Donald Trump Down in the Dumps?

Melissa Hernandez, Writer

With the California primaries rapidly approaching, on June 7, potential Republican nominee Donald Trump has been making a name for himself through controversy. One out of...  Read More »

May 27, 2016 • 0 comments

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Student Life

2016 Dance Review

2016 Dance Review

Miranda Ramirez, Co Copy editor

To showcase their moves, Downey’s Dance Team and the CTE dance classes, held a dance review at the Downey Civic Theater on Wednesday, May 4 and Thursday, May 5.  Some perf...  Read More »

May 18, 2016 • 0 comments

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Downey Renovations

Amanda Davila, Writer

Renovations are still being made in Downey to keep the city modern and the most successful of these is The Downey Promenade, that opened in the later part of 2015 in order...  Read More »

May 27, 2016 • 0 comments

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Boys Varsity Tennis Team

Boys Varsity Tennis Team

Miranda Ramirez, Co-Copy Editor

  Advancing to the semi-finals, the boys varsity tennis team defeated Oak Hills High School 14-4 on Monday, May 16 after school at the Downey High School tennis...  Read More »

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