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Roy Mendoza

Roy Mendoza, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Copy Editor

Roy Mendoza is quite the multitasker.  Not only is he a senior with a full schedule at Downey High, he is also mentoring his freshman sister, and has taken on the double duty of Co-Editor-in-Chief and Copy Editor of The Downey Legend. The busy student found his interest in writing during his middle school years and always sought to improve his skills as a reader and writer.  He continued with this skill along to high school where, as a sophomore, he was offered a chance to be a part of history in the making by joining Downey High’s first ever Online Newspaper staff.  Taken aback by the offer, he accepted, and two years later, he is glad he did because Mendoza holds a position now that has only ever been held once.

“I feel so honored to have a double position,” the ambitious writer said.  “I know sometimes the stress might get to me, but I have my Co-Copy Editor behind me at all times, and I need to be behind my E.I.C. one-hundred percent.  I have her back completely, and I know she has mine because we’re the team captains, along with the Photo Editor.  We have to set an example.”

Mendoza is glad to have met and surpassed his goal to stay on the staff of The Downey Legend for the rest of his high school years, and plans to attend the University of California: Berkley after two years at Cal State Long Beach.  He hopes the skills he has learned throughout his time in newspaper stay with him, as he wishes to be a reporter for The New York Times.

Mendoza is proud of his position on staff, but he also makes time for friends and family as well.  On the weekends, one can usually catch this teenager at popular local hang out spots with friends.  One thing is for sure: there is much in store for this motivated yet humble individual.


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Roy Mendoza